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Loud Noise Coming From New Heads


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Hi, I have a 2000 RX300 with 187,000 mi. I just overhauled the motor because the kid didnt check the oil and the camshaft snapped in the left head. I figured that since the motor is about half way apart i would replace the bearings, rings, oil pump, gaskets and seals. I thought it would be best to replace both heads rather than just one. So, got everthing back together and now there is a loud noise coming from the heads. It sounds sort of like a clatter, but also like a gear whine. I guess the best way to describe it is it sort of sounds like a timing chain when it is worn and has too much slack. The noise is there cold and warm and it increases in speed as I accelerate. Could it possibly be the cam gear and or the vvt gear? There was no noise before the new heads. Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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