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Just Got My Baby Home

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Hi All,

I drove to a small town outside of Winston Salem, NC, about a 250 mile drive from my home in Virginia with my Son In Law to take a look at the 1995 Diamond White Pearl SC400, which appears to an options free car (no TRAC, heated seats, or sunroof), except the gold badging and Dealer installed gold laced wheels.  The car was pretty much as described by the seller, with a blown speaker(s) in rear, nonworking passenger window, and inoperative side mirror adjust.  There was some wear on the driver seat bolster from the paint rubbing off.  I am not sure if I will do anything at this point.  Finally, the trunk struts were toast.

The car, which has only 66K miles, had some vibration, which seems to be from flat spotting from sitting, which smoothed out on the drive home.  The seller said something about hesitation when accelerating, but it seems the more the car is driven, the better is seems to run.  I might try a couple of bottles of Techron and clean the throttle body butterfly.  All of the fluids appeared to be fresh except the transmission, so I plan to change the filter and add a couple of quarts, and make it part of a 30K mile service.  My son in law has already ordered the mirror ECU and trunk struts, and I need to troubleshoot the passenger window before buying parts to fix something that isn't broken while attempting to fix a problem.  Does anyone know where I can find a schematic of the master switch?  Before I pull the door card, I want to jump the harness to see if I can get the passenger window to respond.  With 2 things not working on the panel, could both problems be the switch?

I need to get the title, registration, as well as the car inspected.  Virginia requires a front place, while NC and FL, where the car originated, only requires the rear one.  I will post some photos of the car once I get it cleaned up.

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