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single door window not working with drivers panel

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I tried to find the answer on previous threads by no luck…please humor me


I have a 2007 400H


Driver’s side window controller controls all windows EXCEPT the right rear


All windows can be controlled by it’s dedicated controller on the door


I did notice that when I try to close the window I have to push it all the way down ..if I let go window stops…it will not operate when I simply tap it down….


When opening window I have to pull it all the way up(auto?) but it will stop if I let go..it will not work at all if I simply toggle it up


All the green LEDs on drivers panel are lit


BUT the LED on affected window is not lit


FYI I have not removed the battery nor is it dead..I have been driving it around all day yesterday and today


Lack of LED on affected door switch has me wondering…HUMMM?


Thanks for your help

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I had the same issue with my front passenger side window over the winter. Pop out the affected window's switch (i.e. the rear passenger switch), disconnect the switch from the wiring harness then reconnect the switch. Turn the car on and check to see if it can be controlled from the driver's console.

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Roll down the window at the affected door's switch. Hold the switch down for a second after it has rolled all the way down. Then roll it back up, again holding the switch for a second after it has rolled up. This should relearn the anti-pinch function on the window and it should work again at the driver's panel, along with all auto functions.

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