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Locked out of Trunk - Christmas Presents Inside 1994 LS


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We have an old l994 LS.  The heat or air doesn't work, the speedometer and gas gauge doesn't work.  Anyway, my son lost the master key and we only have a valet key.  The inside trunk release beside the steering wheel is locked and the valet key won't unlock it.   And to make matters worse, my husband hid the Christmas presents in the trunk.  We kept thinking we would find the key, but it seems to be lost for good.  Just called a locksmith, and they say there is no way to pick the lock.  I have heard it is $1500 for a new master.  The car probably isn't even worth $1500.  Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions?

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Called back Lexus dealership again and asked to speak to service manager.  I live 100 miles away and he had me email a copy of my proof of ownership which would have serial number on it.  He says with the serial number they can cut a master key that does everything except remote entry.  The best part.  40 bucks.  He is sending the key to me today.  Hope it works.   If it does, Merry Christmas to me!

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