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07 Rx350 Battery Terminal/electrical Issues

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Wife's rx350 needs a new positive terminal connection, does anyone know of a quick turnaround on that part from a reputable online dealer or possibly one source in Houston Texas. The electrical problems might be related but also when she unlocks the car her panic alarm goes off any suggestions? Thank you all in advance

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My suggestion:

Battery cables and clamps (terminals) are industry standard parts; you should be able to buy a good quality cable from NAPA or another auto parts store. You can replace the terminal / connector only, although I typically prefer to replace the entire cable assembly if it is not too much trouble, as replacing just the clamp / connector shortens the cable a bit. You can also get a 'splice kit' which has a new clamp attached to special splices that allow you to attach to your in-vehicle cables without replacing them. This is a good solution if you completely grease up the splice connectors. The last time I used one of these kits I covered the splices with marine grade adhesive lined heat shrink tubing, but that is not easy to find in large diameters.

If you replace the cable you might consider asking if they have an upgraded cable size. You probably don't need it, but it's another option I like to check. Get the anti-concussion washer to go under the clamp, and grease up the terminal after installing it.

For a short term fix, if the clamp just won't tighten up enough, you can get a cap or shim for the battery post. I'm not a fan of these long term as you can't see any corrosion that might be building up - just an example - you need to get the correct size - http://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/autocraft-battery-post-shims-ac110-a14079/6280181-P


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