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Get Tired Of Getting New Tires Every Other Years For Sc430. Thinking A


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Hi, folks,

I have sc430 08 now and had sc430 04 before (I have owned 04, 08 sc430 combined for about ten years). Just back from tire shop, bought a full set of brand new summer tires of Bridgestone DriveGuard. This year I lost two summer tires and two winter tires either because of bubbles on sidewall or uneven tire wear, which is not covered by warranty. I stumble by cmartin248's post about "Tire Wear, Problems, Alignment".


So all sudden I realized the alignment issue to factory spec, particular camber with big neg number, weared out of those tires. Before this, I always thought I did not rotate/do alignment frequent enough so I thought it was just unlucky me. Now I am not mechanics and very uncomfortable to do all auto works myself. So my plan are

1> to buy camber kit for both front and rear. How about SPC 67510 and 85130 for the rear and 72270 for the front for 08 sc430?


2> Found a mechanic who can the job for me. I live in NW suburban of Chicago. I called Arlington Lexus and Woodfield Lexus service department but unfortunately none of them knew what I was talking about. One of dealer told me they won't do anything away from factory recommended spec. I presume other sc430 owners nearby had already asked the request to them. Anyway, ideally, I'd like to get alignment job done by Lexus dealership even though that means I have to pay a little more. If Lexus dealer can do this job without camber kit that would be even better!! I bought alignment full life service contract from NTB long way back but mechanics there said they could only get me -1.3 camber. So useless.

3> Anyway, the goal should be made camber at -0.2 to -0.5 range (right now mine are at -1.3 for all four tires), for toe and caster spec I would adjust them to factory recommendation. Am I understand these whole thing correctly??

4>Had I read cmartin248's post earlier, I might buy Continental Purecontact non-runflat (70k miles warranty) instead of Bridgestone DriveGuard(50k miles warranty). I want use full tread life of those tires!!

I was so surprised not many people talk about the actual camber adjustment process with picture demonstration in this forum.Can someone share experience or just make suggestion as how to do this particularly in Chicago-land area so I know which shop I can go. And tell me whether my choice of camber kits are right choice or not.

Any suggestion is welcome.

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