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1996 SC400

My New 1996 Sc400

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Last week I received a 1996 Lexus SC400 via a car hauler . I bought it on EBAY sight unseen for $5995 from Houston, TX. It had an impeccable CAR FAX and had a maintenance record at Lexus of being serviced every 5000 miles since it was born. The Michelin Pilot tires are a 9 according to Lexus. The pics were impressive but.......... It has 139,000 miles on it. It has a mist blue-silver exterior with a black interior. Just beautiful, garaged with sparkling paint and a perfect interior with soft leather seats. I detailed it inside and out myself the day it arrived using Bentley Hide Food for the leather. I'm just amazed at how new it looks and how great it drives. The next day I took it to the local Lexus dealer and had them baseline the vehicle. Lexus did the rear brakes. But they noticed and priced out the following needs.

1. front driver's side parking lite, Lexus wanted $160 to fix. I did it for $1.50 and 5 minutes of effort.

2. Two license rear plate lites - Lexus wanted $50. I did it for $3 in 15 minutes

3. up-down driver's seat will not work - Lexus wanted $2000 - Need help on this one. I found the motor online for $315 but do not know how to proceed. I bought a shop maintenance CD on line and am waiting for it.

4. up-down passenger's seat will not work - Lexus wanted $2000 - Need help on this one. I found the motor online for $315 but do not know how to proceed. Kind of strange that both up-down motors do not work but the other two motors on each seat are ok.

5. Antenna does not go down. Lexus wanted about $600. Any good aftermarket antennas out there?

6. How to attach front license plate holder? In CA you need a front license plate. I jury rigged the plastic license plate holder that came with the car (I think it is for the front plate) with tyraps and nuts & bolts. While laying down on the deck and looking up I noticed two holes pointing straight down exactly where the license plate would be centered with the hood. Is this where to adapt the front license plate holder to the car? If so how do you adapt it with what kind of bracket? It appears the only way to get to the backside of those holes is to take the front bumper apart. I'm thinking wing bolts or plastic screw inserts in order to use these holes instead of tearing the bumper apart.

This is my 2nd SC. I bought a 1998 SC300 three years ago for my daughter. She totaled it with a head on collision and came out of it unmarked. So I know it's very safe. I bought this 1996 SC400 for ME! What a difference in performance between the SC300 & SC400. I'm a kid again!

Thanks for your advice in advance,

Love my SC400


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