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No Brake Lights: Fuse And Switch Ok...

DMW 99 RX300

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In the luggage compartment on the driver's side, remove the panel that has the 12v power outlet (slide out metal part of outlet to remove the clips holding it). The LFS is behind the plastic panel just above the fuzzy panel with the power outlet.

With someone pressing the brake pedal, you should have 12v at pin 7 with the Green/White wire. If voltage is there, then the switch and fuse is ok.

The outputs Pin 1 (high stop light) and pin 2 (brake lights) should have 12v when the input pin 7 does. If they do not, then it is probable that pin 7 has de-soldered itself. Remove the connector and remove the bottom plastic cover. Carefully push the pins down into the connector housing to remove the circuit board. Compare the connector to the pins in the circuit board to determine which is pin 7. Solder it with any soldering iron and a little fresh solder.

All brake light voltage goes into pin 7 of the LFS and goes out to the stop lights on pins 1 and 2.

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