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Noise On Turns


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Several years ago, I purchased remanufactured front air shocks from Arnott, and those are working fine. The rear shocks were not replaced. Car is a '94 LS400 with about 94K miles.

Want to know what kind of noise the rear shocks would make if they are going out. I am hearing a noise from the rear on turns, or sometimes just driving down the street if I hit a pothole. I can 'make' the noise happen by turning into a parking lot where there is a slight incline. The sound is that of gravel sliding over a flat metal sheet with a few crunching sounds thrown in the mix.

Do you know if the rear air shocks would make that kind of noise when they go bad? I am not seeing any unusual sagging in the back. I have been watching for that, since that is how I became aware the front struts needed replacing.

The car took a hit some time back right above the driver's side rear tire (hit and run), and I had that checked out at the body shop to see if the wheel well had been pushed in and was making contact with the strut, but they told me that the inner wheel well area was fine. They were the ones who suggested the noise might be coming from the shocks. They said when the car was hit, that that could have effected some bolts or something else related to the shocks. Does this make sense?

What else could it be? It started after the car was hit, btw. I have no had the repair done (it's out of pocket and will be expensive). But I have had it looked at. They are telling me the noise is not caused by any 'pushed in' wheel well.

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