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New Info On Vsc/vsc Off Light Issue


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I have an 06 SC430 and after having a local mechanic do my 30k maintenance, these lights remained on. I tried all the techniques suggested on this forum to no avail. Finally, I got a set of shop manuals and started reading.

Here is the procedure for clearing the lights. It uses different terminals than earlier stated...maybe due to the different model year..not sure, but hope this helps someone else.

Park car on level surface with wheels pointed straight, shift lever in Park

1. Clear zero point calibration data:

- Turn ignition switch to ON

- Use a wire to jump terminals 12 (TS) and 4 (CG) in the DLC3

- Connect/disconnect the terminals 4 or more times within 8 seconds

- Remove wire

2. Perform zero point calibration:

- Turn ignition switch OFF

- Apply the parking brake

- Reconnect terminals 12 & 4 with your wire

- Turn the ignition switch ON

- Check that VSC warning light blinks. If not, you will have to start over at step 1.


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Nice post! I once had an alignment on my LX470 performed at my Lexus dealer. When I left the dealer and was rounding a clover leaf onto the freeway the car decided that it wasn't going where I was pointing it to go. The brakes started to pulsate in an attempt to correct the trajectory. Shortly, the computer gave up and just beeped and turned on some trouble lights. All this because the dealer had failed to align the car according to the service manual. The LX VSC has a similar requirement to the SC and the car must be "taught" what straight ahead is! You can't just crank away on the tie rods while the steering wheel is held straight ahead like you would in most other cars. The steering wheel, accelerometers, speed and wheel rotations must agree or else VSC kicks in.

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