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Maintenance For 150k And Beyond?


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Scrubbed my 99GS300 owners manuals and lists basics per normal intervals.

Now, this Q is beyond the fluid flushings, timing belt and plugs which are covered up t 150K miles.

I could not find P/S pump fluid replacement intervals in my manual, nor tranny/diff fluid replace (other than every 15K for "high use"). So I've been changing them at 30K intervals unless someone knows the correct manuafacture interval? I think the editors of the 99 manual just left it out.

What about the PVC valve, cam lifter adjustments, fuel filter?? Is there a tranny filter inside the main pan?

Any other things I should be replacing around that mileage and beyond?

The manual says to check the SRS system after 10yrs. I'll punt and go longer, but has anyone had that one done and found it to be useful?

I didn't replace the water pump w/ the timing belt b/c that belt does not turn the pump. I'll wait until I hear a noise or see coolant seepage.

I go over all hoses, seals and boot annually w/ a flashlight and the mini retractible mirror, checking for dryrot, cracks, seepage. So that's inspected where I'm comfortable enough.


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