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Working Out The Bugs In My New Hs


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I got my HS last night and I'm thrilled. I had thought of buying my own space shuttle, but I thought, why go for old technology when you can have something really state-of-the-art? Anyway, there are a few things I haven't quited figured out, so if anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

1. I can't get the garage door rmeotes to learn my garage door openers. We had no problems with my wife's 2006 Rx400h, but for some reason, I haven't got it to work in the HS. There are two sets of instructions, depending on whether your garage door opener has rolling codes. I think mine does, but I tried both methods (and a few other creative ideas, as well) without success.

2. My phone (a Google/T-Mobile G1) works just fine in making calls via bluetooth, but I can't transfer the contact list. In fact, it seems that once I start the transfer, bluetooth connections goes up and down repeatedly.

3. I was successful at connection an iPhone through the USB port, but had no luck at running an MP3 player through the AUX (1/8" stereo plug) connection. I tried this using a Creative Labs mp3 player and then my son tried hooking up his Macbook through that same connection. It just doesn't recognize that it's there. Just for reference, I have the Mark Levinson stereo.

Everything else seems awesome and the voice commands sure work a lot better than in my wife's car (we used to joke that maybe her system was set up to listen for Japanese).

So, any ideas?

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Ok, for anyone else checking this, I've made progress. First, I got the garage door openers to work. The instructions in the manual are right, you just have to be really patient about each step of the process (and I did have the rolling codes).

Second, and even cooler, I got my contacts transferred to the car. I have a T-Mobile/Google G1 phone that uses the Android operating system. After some thought, I realized that it wasn't enough to tell the car to go get the contacts, I needed an option on the phone that says "send the contacts." The phone doesn't come with such an option, but there is an Android app called Bluetooth File Transfer that will send anything on your phone and has a specific option for sending the contacts list. So I followed these steps:

1. Linked the phone to the car.

2. Went to the phone menu on the car and clicked on contacts. When it asked me if I wanted to import contacts, I said yes.

3. On the phone, I launched the Bluetooth File Transfer app and told it to send the contacts. It recognized the link to the car, made the connection, gave me a choice of which contacts to send (I set it at all), and then sent them.

Afterwards, I check and everything is there.

Now I only have to solve the problem of the Aux (1/8" audio) input for my MP3 player, plus how to disable the annoying beep when in reverse.

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Now I only have to solve the problem of the Aux (1/8" audio) input for my MP3 player, plus how to disable the annoying beep when in reverse.

The reverse beeping is one of the personalization options that your dealer can disable (or yourself if you have the inclination to dive in to the owners manual).

Very cool about the bluetooth transfer! I'm a big fan of the voice-activated dialing. Saves time and seems much safer than the non-hands-free solution I had been doing before.


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