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Rx400h Rear Dvd Issue

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Just got a 2006 Rx400 se-l. Looked through the instruction manual but I cannot get the rear dvd systems to work.

Pressing the power button on the screen and the dvd player under the seat doesn't seem to do anything.

Is their a master on/off switch somewhere? Or could it be a blown fuse? (if so, where can I find the fuse?)

Thanks in advance

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Yes it is the factory ICE entertainment system that is part of the RX400 SE-L

Having just returned my leased '06 400H with hard to find factory entertainment that did not have a player "under the seat" but in the ceiling with a single screen and Mark Levinson Surround Sound, I'm surprised by your description. :rolleyes: I don't know what "ICE" is but it sounds cool. SE-L is a mystery too. Best of luck resolving your issue.

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He's in the UK. Probably different models (SE-L) and nomenclature (ICE usually stands for Internal Combustion Engine) but it must be something something Entertainment). I guess the location of the DVD player is different also.

**edit*** In Car Entertainment = ICE????

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The UK version does have a floor-mounted DVD player, but there are no instructions in the owners manual.

In order to operate it you must have the infra red remote control. I found mine lurking at the bottom of the centre console. It's very slim and about 4 inches x 2 inches, with no identification apart from a part number (PZ462-E8370-02) and manufacturing date which are on a label on the back.

There are also some connector leads hidden in the seat-back pocket - I haven't tried them but presume they are for connection of a games console etc.

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