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Engine Misfire


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I've searched the forum and for this problem and found it to be informative. My situation however is just a tad bit different. I added a bottle of octane booster to my tank. It claimed to be "barely street legal" which was much stronger than what I usually use if I don't get premium. Shortly after I began to notice the sputtering between 45 and 55 mph. I can accelerate just fine but whenever I start to cruise here comes the sputtering.

Question: Since I added the octane booster what, to you guys knowledge would be the problem?

I've had my egr valve cleaned and pcv valve replaced. I changed my oil with a toyota filter 3 weeks ago.

As of yesterday I just filled up with regular premium and a fuel system cleaner. I noticed that the problem got a little better but still noticeable. Should I just continue to ride for a while until this is processed out of the fuel system, or just let a mechanic take a look.



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You may also want to change the fuel filter. Run the current tank through it down to empty, then put in 4 galons of regular and run that out. If that has not cleared everything up then go for a tune-up with another new fuel filter, new plugs, egr, and claening the throttle body, IAC, and any other intake/vacume hoses. Next step would be professional injector cleaner.

I add Lucas or BG injector cleaner every 5K alternating between them. I do not vary from these two. I have heard of good results with the Chevron cleaner as well. I also run the lowest octane that does not ping. For my wife's ES 330 we are running 87 octane, my daughter Volovo 850 is also running 87, my F150 needs a little more so I run 89 octane, and in the 944Turbo I put a bottle of booster in with 91 octane to get it up to 93/94 octane (it is not close to being stock and needs the extra octane to prevent detonation).

Additives can be a good thing but they can also screw things up. I have used SeaFoam with fair results but I have also seen this break all kinds of gunk loose on a car that had little preventitive maintence other than oil changes and it caused all kinds of problems.

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