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Gs300 1993 With 160k Timing Problems

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Hey guys please help me out on this one, I removed the distrubutor to replace a leaking oring. Well I didnt really pay attention to what i was doing. I removed the whole dist. assmebly before taking the cap of and looking at the rotor buttons direction. The gear turned as I pulled it out and I dont know where to re-insert at. A friend of mine has the same car, we pulled the timing cover and the cap,....lined the white/arrows on the cam gears up. the the distrubtor was pointing towards about a 1:30 (pointed toward the #1 plug) position if your looking straight at it. So I set mine up the same way, and its just puttering...sounds like no power...i can turn the dist. and it would help slightly, but not the purr i had before. Ive pulled the dist. turned and re-inserted about 10 times now, im just thinking...am i missing something? Maybe Im not in the right position?

Any advice please, this is my dads car, and he needs it back! lol

thanks guys

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