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Ml "surround" And Adjustment Of Speakers...

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hey everyone - i am new to the forums, just picked up my new 06 is350 and i'm loving it.

question: mark levinson

i have this upgraded system and am wondering if there is any adjustment for center / left / right / rear (L & R) and sub? i see in the audio page of the nav, i have basic controls for fader (front to back) and left and right.

since this is supposed to be a discreet 5.1 / 7.1 setup, one would assume that you'd have control over the various speakers. as far as i can see...there is no way to adjust them.

and last question, i personally think the system sounds more "focused" and less washed out the the surround option "off". but then i am in 2.0 mode and defeating the purpose of the killer soundsystem. if i had more control over the speakers attenuation, perhaps i could get a better sound.

waddiya think? possible?



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