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Gs300 Mki Howling Electric Steering Wheel Adjustment

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Dear all, I am a GS300 MKI owner in the UK. If you don't have the same designations as us that's a 1994. I have tried UK forums but no one seems to be able to help with this problem although they tend to think that it might have been an issue that Toyota dealt with under waranty.

When the sun has been on the car, the interior temperature has risen, and I insert the ignition key, the electric steering wheel retractor makes the most awful howling noise, it is a friction kind of noise. In extreme circumstances it grinds to a halt. Does anyone know of a fix for this that a non-mechanic can undertake, like some kind of lubricatiion or whatever. It seems that differential expansion of various parts makes the fit of those parts too tight. I'd realy rather not have to send it to the garrage, Lexus repairs are extortionate over here.

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