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Gx470 Towing And Handling


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Hi All,

I'm wondering if anyone has any experience towing Ultra-Light

(but not ultra-short) travel trailers (TT) with a 2005/2006 GX470. I know it has

a theorical rating of 6,500 pounds ... but what about real life ...

I'm facing a dilema and don't know which TT model I should be getting in order

to have safe journeys when hauling (handling and stopping included!) ...


TT dry weigth: 4328

GVWR: 6000

exterior length: 27'1"


TT dry weight: 4530

GVWR: 6000

exterior length: 30'3"


shorter and lighter models ...

What scares me a bit is the length of these trailers. Do you think I could safely

tow #1 and maybe #2, or maybe none of them? Should I be looking for a

shorter TT. Please me let me know what you think.

Stupid question, when they say 6,500 pounds, does that include the SUV passengers

and any fuel in the tank or is it 6,500 pounds just for the actual trailer and whatever

is in the trailer?

Thanks in advance for sharing your own experience if any ...

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