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Rx330 Radio Aux Port


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I have a 2004 RX330 and I am considering XM Radio. Does anyone know if there is a Aux port on the back of the head unit that can be used?

Thank you for the help.

RX330Raider :cheers:



states there is one, but had issues.

I have a RX300 and can not get any AUX in. The CD player is not an easy option.

These guys do not make a unit for my RX, but might fo yours;


never delt with them and can not speak good or bad. I followed thier pre-anouncment hoping to buy one for my truck and when they released the product they are not making it for my truck. I assume this is due to the age and that the head unit does not diplay title track and artist.

There was another gadget that REPLACED the CD player and gave you a line in. I am think this is my only option as I REALY like Sierus Radio, and REALY hate the casset.

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