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2001 Ls430 Cd Changer Error 3


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If you are literally one month out of warranty (assuming the mileage corresponds) call Lexus USA customer service. Explain the situation and inform them that you are not happy about the situation and that you didn't buy a Lexus to have the CD player konk out after only a few years. Be nice and diplomatic about it when you request that they foot the bill to have it repaired since it's "just out of warranty."

You could use the "if it was a Cadillac I would understand, but this is a Lexus approach," or the "my daughter's favorite CD is stuck in there." Do not start by insulting or demanding or you'll get nowhere. Their customer service is top notch and JD Power rates Lexus high overall for a reason. Using the same approach my dad had a new door handle put on his LS400 three years out of warranty. You could try the dealership as well, but I would start at Lexus USA.

Remember - you get 1/2 of what you ask for and none of what you don't ask for.

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