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Paging Ooo & Sadistic Ttn Re: Sc430 Tires


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HI--I've searched through the postings re: the SC430 tire issues. I posted a response to someone else's message regarding tire problems earlier this afternoon, and then after reading through some other messages wanted to get in touch wtih you for your opinion.

I noticed that OOO has recently replaced your SC tires with non-runflats. I literally just today dropped off my SC430 at a dealership in NYC because the SIDE of my tire is popping out from under the rim (on the left front tire). The service technician told me that the tire isn't covered under the warranty because the tire problem is due to wear and tear...well, I told him I've never seen tire wear and tear result in the side of the tire popping out from under the rim. I've never seen anything like it. Then, he said "well it happens if you drive it and there isn't enough air, if it was flat". To which I told him that I would expect the da*n flat light to come on..

Anyway, my situation is this. I need to replace at least 2 of my tires. I need to make a command decision and I'm really leaning towards replacing them with NON runflat tires. However, I would like your input on which tires are best to replace them with.

ooo--were you able to figure out how you're going to get around the spare tire situation? This is a nightmare. Also, can you tell me where you ordered the tires you purchased?

I honestly didn't realize that runflats have such a short lifespan (we're at around 17K miles)....UGH.

I don't know what to do, it's such a pain in the a*s. The car has been fantastic up until I realized that this tire situation would be such a headache. And I don't have a car until this thing gets straightened out!! (Bought the car from a dealer in CA, so the dealer here in NY isn't providing a loaner)...

I'd appreciate any feedback you can give. THANK YOU!!

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