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Rear Control Arms


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Does anyone know if the Supra control arms fit 95 SC400?

I know the 97 Supra front LCAs fit, but never heard anyone talking about for the rear.

The reason I am asking is that I bought Daizen kits for front and rear and took them to local mechanic shop today, and they found out that the ball joints were also bad, and that the whole arms need to be replaced.

Do I need to get the whole new arm for the ball joint? How bad is bad enough to replace it?

The situation arose as a result of the inspection that was performed without taking the arms out and visually looking at them. It was only when the arms were completely removed from the hub that they were able to tell. Well, I told them to inspect beforehand, but never instructed them to remove things, thinking that they would know what they were doing.

Please confirm on the year of Supra arms that will fit the 95 SC400 for both Front and Rear. The Daizen kits will need to be returned back to TMEngineering or sold at eBay.

Anyone interested?

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