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Evap Code P0446

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I have a 2000 ES 300 with 150K. My check engine and Trac Off light came on simulataneously while driving down the highway. The code that the dealer gave me was P0446 which he said meant that I needed my Bank 1 catalytic converter replaced (for a cost of $1700). From the other postings that I'm reading regarding this code, I don't see anyone mention replacement of the catalytic converter. Does this seem like a reasonable fix?

I've previously had the mass air flow sensor replaced when I had the check engine/trac off lights come on about 2 years ago. After that replacement, all was well until now.

Any advice would be much appreciated!


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Hmm, what I can tell you is that the P0446 code is an EVAP code, directly meaning "Evaporative Emission Control System Vent Control Circuit", and on the RX330 it's usually directly tied to the charcoal canister. I don't know about a catalytic converter being the issue. That usually results in air/fuel/exhaust codes... not emmissions.

Some people have said/thought a loose gas cap can trigger this code, but other say no way. On the RX300, the P0446 code is often a 'phantom code', meaning it shows up even when nothing is really wrong... then goes away (I've had that on my '99). One thing for sure, a new charcoal canister always fixes the problem. I don't know if that scenario directly equates to the ES300, but they sure share a lot of the same DNA.

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