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  1. 1995-2000 LS400 with 300K miles in good condition vs 20 year newer car. Anyone driven the 20 year old LS and a brand new Accord, Corolla or Camry? Would love to hear comparison and experiences.
  2. I had my 95 LS Water Pump, Timing belt, etc. repaired 2 years ago at 118K miles. Car now has 150K miles. I took the car to replace my high pressure steering hose and my mechanic (Different than the previous repair and trustworthy) said the WP's weep hole is leaking. I saw residue of coolant. Is this possible?? Or is a small leakage ok?? I hope I don't have to replace the WP again.
  4. I am trying to stay away from Goodyear tires. I've had bad experience with them during rain. I do like Continentals, Michelins and bridgestone. Anybody know what tires the LS came with from the factory?
  5. I have a 1995 Ls400. Any suggestions on aftermarket wheels? 17s or 18s? Photos anyone? Also, what's the best tire as far as having the least road noise and traction? Thanks Jae
  6. I got my 95 LS running again. I had to replace the starter (Denso remanufactured) and while the tech was doing the work he discovered a hairline crack on the EGR tube, so he replaced the EGR system. Maybe the MPG will go up with the new EGR system. Hopefully the car will run for 5 years w/o a problem. Since I bought it in February of this year, I put about $4500 into the car. horrible...
  7. Agree with the previous posts. Move the steering wheel side to side as you start the car.
  8. After leaving my LS400 parked over night, I tried to start the car this morning and it would not start. I heard 1 lick. I tried again and the third time, it started. Afterwards, I turned the car off 3 times and it started all 3 times. Any ideas? car has a new batter and a major tune up (timing, plugs, wires, ignition coil, etc) about a month ago. I hope the starter is not bad...i read it's a PITA to replace. thanks!!
  9. That answered my question. THANKS!!
  10. This might explain something... My other cars are: 2008 LS3 Corvette 6 speed 2008 Dodge Charger 5.7L Driving my gf's Corolla and the LS, I noticed that my LS decelerates too quickly when I get off the gas pedal. Maybe I have a stock brake caliper??? As soon as I ease off the gas on the LS, the speed drops from 80 to 70 in about 3 seconds.
  11. Here is where my confusion is... According to 9003/HB2/H4 is my lowbeam bulbs. 9005 is my highbeam bulbs. In essence, the 95-97 has two highbeam bulbs on each side. The 9005 highbeam bulb along with the highbeam filament of the 9003/H4 bulb. On a car with H4 lamp only, either 1) the lows cut off and highs turn on 2) lows remain on and highs also turn on. Most dual bulb system cars, 9006 low and 9005 highs...same result from above 1) and 2). What happens on an LS when the highbeams are turned on? Do all 3 lights stay on?? low filament H4, high filament H4 and 9005 highbeams??
  12. Can anybody clarify... 95-97 LS low beams are H4 and are dual filament (high and lows in H4)?? Is the foglamp or driving lamp between the headlamp glass and corner light H3? Thanks!!
  13. My Ls just had a $2300 tune up. Timing belt, wp, plugs, wires, front seals, new ignition coils, new fuel cap, new fuel filter, TB cleaninging. It's very smooth and I can only hear the tires rolling. The previous owner bought cheap H rated tires (bridgestone Grids...can't wait to replace them for better ones). I just took a 500 mile trip and averaged 80 miles per hour for 20MPG. My firend just bought an 09 accord. I'm going to test drive it...
  14. I drove my girlfriend's 2009 Toyota Corolla and my 95 LS was MUCH better; however, the Corolla's steering was "tighter." 1995 LS400 over '09 Corolla. My LS is extremely smooth and quiet, but very slow accelerating. Maybe Lexus wanted to underpower the car so that it lasts a long time. Also, how are some Lexus owners getting close to 30 mpg on the highway?? I get 20.9 mpg at 80mph, all highway. If I do 60 mph, I assume I could get 24, but I don't know how some people report >28mpg.
  15. Would these Corvette wheels (C6 2005 and up) wheels fit a Lexus 1995 LS400? With some spacers and adapters? Stok C6 wheel size? Front Tire Size P245/40ZR18 18 x 8.5 Rear Tire Size P285/35ZR19 19 x 10 I would run 245 45 18 all around for the LS.