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  1. if you read this post and actually had a solution for my problem, never-mind and thank you anyway... i just went ahead and grinded off that tab near the center of the tensioner pulley arm and everything worked out perfect... it gave me more than enough slack to install the serpentine belt and wrap it around all of the pullys... needless to say, the dremel tool and dremel cutting disc didn't waste any time removing the tab... the new serpentine belt gave my altenator a little more boost of energy. this i noticed when i turned on the headlights and turn signals. (what next, lol ???) :lol:

  2. upon trying to install a serpentine belt for a 92 Lexus SC300, i noticed there is a little metal tab on the axis point of the tensioner arm that will only let me flex the tensioner arm to a short degree. i flexed the tensioner arm with ease, but the tensioner arm won't go but so far. i have the correct size tensioner pully and the correct size serpentine belt, but i need about 5 cetimeters of slack to get the serpentine belt wrapped around all the pulleys... has anyone else had this problem??? i'm thinking about using my dremel tool to grind away the tab in hope of getting more flex out of the tensioner pully arm. i also tried to re-adjust the steering pump bracket, but when i loosened the bolts around the steering pump bracket, the steering pump didn't budge the slightest little bit... if anyone knows of a better way to go about dealing with this issue please give me some advice... i think it's shame the way the mechanical features of this car was designed... :angry:

  3. i've recently encountered a problem with my serpentine belt, tension pulley and pulley arm. i was pulling out of my driveway and i felt a hard thump and right after, my power steering gave out. i lifted the hood to find the serpentine belt was snapped and laying over the engine. my car came with an extra belt and thought it wouldn't take long to wrap it on. after my attemp to apply the belt, i quickly noticed the amount of slack in the belt. then i realized the tension pulley wasn't rotating as it should. so i removed the 9/16 bolt from the center of the tension pulley wheel and as soon as i did, the ball bearings made a run for it. i called Auto Zone for another tension pulley wheel. after acquiring the new wheel and re-installing it, i ran into another problem... i couldn't move the tension pulley arm. i tried using the technique that worked on a '95 Cavalier i used to own by putting a wrench on the bolt holding the tension pulley wheel in place by turning to tighten the bolt in which the tension pulley arm would flex down enough to where the serpentine belt could be installed. needless to say, it didn't work for the "92 Lexus SC 300. is there anyone who knows of the method that is required to relieve the tension from the tension pulley arm so that i may apply the serpentine belt to its rightful place under the hood the car ????? :cries:

  4. does anyone know where i can get or view a fuse box diagram for a 92 SC300? i have a terrible feeling that i have the incorrect amp fuses in the wrong slots. i have a few things on my car that aren't reacting correctly. and three of the slots that require fuses didnt have any in them. :unsure:

  5. 20 inch wheels with 50 series tires associated with coil-overs offers a wonderful drop with an enhanced stability rate... its the best set up i've seen around here... try to use coil-overs, they take that wobbling sensation out or your driving experience and they also will allow you to run a body kit with a 2 inch drop... ( body kits may drag in some areas ) :cheers:

  6. go to my profile and read my posts on the SCOSCHE wiring harness for a 1991 Toyota Supra that can be found at walmart. it will allow you to keep you factory speakers (including that sub &amp) and install the deck of your choice and put what ever you can fit in the trunk. just plug the scosche harness to the factory plugs and install your custom equipment like in any other vehicle. i'll have some pix of my audio set up in my gallery before the week is up. :rolleyes:

  7. hey my aunt gave me a 92' sc300 for my birthday and i want to put a sub in the trunk. i know the car allready has an amp but idont know what its for. do you have to bypass it or can you go throught it to power the sub. ive been to 3 different speaker stores and got 3 different awnsers but they all say its a pain to wire is this true?so now im asking you guys. has anyonehere every put subs in my kind of car? if so tell me how you did it or how much it cost for instoling it

    just go to walmart and purchase a scosche wiring harness for a 1991 toyota supra and install a cd deck or a monitor style reciever in place of the factory radio unit and fit what you can in the trunk. if you use this wiring harness from scosche, it will allow you to keep your factory speaker and back dashboard sub and the factory amp in the passenger side trunk floor. if the factory speakers aren't dry rotted or damaged and sound terrible, i would change them out. thats were the real drama begins. B)

  8. I'm having a key issue as well. yes, i purchased my Lex from a used lot and they provided me with only one key. Needless to say, it's not the one accompanied by a remote. more than likely, you will have to go to the local or nearest dealership and get another laser cut key. Yes the key will cost around $218.00 . After that, I didn't even care to ask how much for the remote and how much to reprogram the remote. thats 3 different off the wall prices to deal with. Especially when you know it doesn't cost them that much in material to make these simple little devices. <_<

  9. NO, it is not ok to use a higher weight oil. ONLY use what is recommended for your size engine. the mechanic wants your car back in his shop ASAP. Heavier oil can disrupt engine balancing and cause low idling issues to occur. Heavy oil and low octane fuels decrease the amount of amps your altenator produces.needless to say, one problems causes another. :geek:

  10. unless you purchase the head light assembly that causes you to have to get that special front bumper kit to go with it, i wouldn't bother with it and just keep the factories in place. sometimes switching around bulbs can trigger other electrical problems that take for ever to figure out. just a suggestion. ;)

  11. you might want to check all your sensors as well... i learned there are sensors all over that car when i installed an air intake a few weeks ago. check fuses, pull them out and re-insert them one at a time and check the ground wire connections for your altenator and fan... B)

  12. one day i was sitting in a drive thru at a bank talkin' on the celly. the vehicle beside me was having muffler issues or something. to loud to have my conversation, i decided to let the window up. upon doing so, i heard a loud pop and the window slowly slid back down into the door. when i got home, i removed the interior door panel to inspect the problem and all i found was a small piece of white plastic laying in the bottom crease of the door. the plastic was no larger than the head of a thumb tac and i couldn't see further inside the door to find the windows motor. i guess it's safe to assume there are more removable panels to the door considering you have to get to the windows motor some how. i'm used to working on hondas. i learned really quik that the LEXUS was designed to eliminate the handy man at home. but i am the handy man and i am at home... if you've had this problem and manage to fix it without the assistance of dealership intelect, give me some ideas, please, before i go outside and start taking the car apart. the window motor makes it's normal sound when i push the button, but hasn't any effect. i'm currently using a pair of grip pliers on the window track to hold the window up and its summer time. the A C dosen't work and its awful.:cries:

  13. i figured, since my emblems were broken, i just went ahead and shaved off the remains and filled in the holes. might as well if i'm doing full body modz... no, i'm not going to re-apply the emblems. cuz, if someone looks at my car and can't tell if it's a Lexus, then they don't deserve to know what i'm driving... :P

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