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  1. Hi-

    I'm sure this topic has been discussed before on here...

    My LOW TIRE light will come on even if my pressure is normal.

    Probably due to the change in temp I'm assuming?

    LEXUS said they were 30psi--so they made them 32psi last week.

    The light came on again this am.

    Am I doomed to keep checking them every week or two during the winter?

    LEXUS offered to replace with NITROGEN...said it should help.



    Its not my spare tire, because its just a donut spare.


  2. OK, here's my dilema. With my old car (Toyota Solara--no garage), I could go outside, start my car, crank up the heat, lock it with a spare key and run inside to do some last minute things before leaving for work. When I come out, the windshield is defrosted and its nice and cozy... I'm in a pretty safe area, so no worries of theft....yet.

    Is it possible to do this with an IS-250? I'm thinking its pretty much impossible to leave it running with the heat, etc on...and locked! Right? There's no way I would leave it running UNLOCKED. I'm in a safe area, but not THAT safe! I have to run inside a condo building; up a flight of stairs to my unit, etc. Not really a good idea to leave it unlocked.

    Any ideas, or am I doomed to have to scrape the windshield and just rely on my seat warmers (which work great btw)?

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