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Lexus ES 350 w/ ultimate luxury package

Lexus ES 350 w/ ultimate luxury package

This is my Lexus ES 350 with the Ultimate Luxury Package I took delivery of this week. I have always owned Toyota Products so when my last V6 Camry SE was totaled by a drunk driver I decided to step it up and try a Lexus. I was told that you cant go wrong with any ES model Lexus if your buying used.. I gotta say this is one amazing car. heated and cooled seats, heated steering wheel, panorama sunroof and much more which i’m sure you all know… so please feel free to share what all this car does. I thought I was pretty good with cars but I found out by mistake (when I kept locking the doors cause I couldn’t hear it beep) it flashed the hazards and started…lol.. the dealership said it didn’t have remote start so lucky me I guess.. more pics to come later… 

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