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  1. Did you ever drop the gas cap?? I was getting a warning lite so I called and talked to my service manager..he suggested I get a new gas cap and drive the vehicle. for about 10 miles or so giving the computer time to reset itself..problem solved..
  2. Gooood morning, I don't know if you are still having the problem of fluctuating..I had the same type of problem some years ago with my Toyota van..I have a 1990 LS400,I live in Chicago,so I don't drive it in the winter..Two weeks ago I started it up,and it was fluctuating between 1000 and 1500 rpm..I couldn't figure it out..Finely it dawned on me (I'm 69) it's the MAF..mass air flow sensor..It's located on top right behind the air filter,it should be secured via 3 small careful taking it can go to ace hardware and get a can of CRC/ QD electronic cleaner and spray will usually just air dry,but make sure it is dry before you reinstall it..I'm 99.44 percent sure it will solve the problem..You could go to Lexus and get a new one if cleaning doesn't work..Don't know how much it cost,on some vehicle's it could be $$/$$$...Hope it works for you..Have A Blessed Day...
  3. Check Engine Light

    I retrieved codes po300/303/302-------probable cause ignition coil 1 and 2 not firing....My question is how do you know which plug or coil is #1 and #2 ??? Thank's for any assistance rendered...