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    Video: Genetic Select by Lexus

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    Introducing Genetic Select by Lexus in partnership with 23andMe. The world's first service that uses human genetics to match you with the car of your genes. Learn more at http://www.lexus.com/gen...

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    Guest Real / April Fools Review?


    Out of touch... exploiting someones gullibility for laughs, at their expense, is kind of like tickling someone; it's not funny when you take it so far as for someone to pee their pants. I knew it was a joke the second I started paying attention based on the filming and "unedited" reaction of the actress spitting in a tube, but I'm sure many viewers didn't figure it out until the very end and just felt stupid for believing it at all; felt stupid for being proud of mankind's newest leap forward in technology only to discover it was ruse to embezzle by conversion their attention to an advertisement they wouldn't normally mentally tune in.  But thank you for having the narrator giggle at the end to confirm our suspicions of a spoof, just in case we are even too stupid to realize the wheel licking was a dead giveaway.  Next time expose the joke about 1/4 into the commercial and let us decide if we want to watch because you earned our attention with a short spot of value that made us choose to listen to your pitch.  Next time don't click-bait us with something a significant portion of the audience finds insulting.

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