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How To Repair Dash Color...?

Ok have a 2008 RX400h with what appears to be a black interior...I repaired a couple of holes in the trim piece just below and around the shift the passenger side. However the repair is glossy and I was wondering what dye or top coating would bring everything back to the dull luster. I read that there is a two coat process, first the dye than the final coat. But what exactly is the color of this dash on the RX400h in 2008.? Also I am looking for tips on doing this fix.

Ah! You should definitelty get some leather dye from magicmender. Believe it or not, leather "dye" is not really a "dye", but more simply a rubbery paint. The dye doesn't actually stain leather, it just adds a nice coating on the surface like a paint. Its just rubbery so it doesn't crack as the leather moves. Magic menders dye works on leather, vinyl, anything that's not too "slippery" like the leather material surrounding the interior door handles and door armrests. Notice how shiny and rubbery this material is? The magicmender dye won't stick there. However it sticks VERY well on the dash area and on the panels surrounding the shifter.

I've used the dyes from magic mender and I love it! I've actually used it on the entire upper dash and those vinyl areas on the glove compartment and areas you're describing around the shifter.

The EXACT color of the black in the RX is called gray-black (or something like that) on the magic mender site. When I get home ill check the bottle and ill update back here. It works very well! Id also get the "matte" clearcoat as this will give you the dull shade you're looking for.

Do you have an airbrush by any chance? One you can hook up to a compressor? It works very well for blending the dye, as brushing leaves lines and splotches.

Ill check on the color when I get home and get back to you :)

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