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How To Change The Remote's Battery

Does anyone know how to change the battery in the remote for the 2006 GS 300? My brilliant service manager told me to use a Phillips screwdriver to get at the battery, and go to Radioshack for a replacement, but there is NO screw. I am afraid to pry it apart. The dealership is now closed, and of course will be busy Monday. Help!

The dealer told you to use the wrong type of screwdriver...and you do have to pry.

1. Take out the mechanical key from your fob.

2. Put a flat head screwdriver into the inset space...just inside of the mechanical key slot....and turn it. This will pry open the fob.

3. Remove the old battery and replace with a new CR1632 battery..positive side facing up.

4. Replace the cover of the fob by first pressing on the bottom then the top (The top is the side where the mechanical key is inserted)


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I really need help, I have a GS300 1999 model and exported it to ITaly , i have been trying to use the navigator but since the battery was off for sometime it keeps asking for the code and i got it wrong more than 10times and now it say visit a car dealer... What do i do to unlock the Navigator system because i cannot use my Car stereo anymore since the screen is asking me for a code now it says i should visit a car dealer...Please help me if you can and i can give you any code you ask for...TIA

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