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  1. 98 GS 400 172K I've had my GS for 6 years now, no major problems. Bought it certified used from a Lexus dealer. I am starting to experience problems with my Brake Master Cylinder. All of my lights are illuminated (E Brake, ABS, VSC, VSC off) and a buzzer noise is continuous. I've taken the car to a Lexus dealer for a diagnosis and their response was " the Brake Actuator failed". I then took the car to another auto shop to have the Brake Master Cylinder replaced. Since the new BMC was installed the car was running back to normal, until the very next day when the lights and buzzer noise came
  2. 98 GS 400 172K Miles I was driving when all my lights came on E Brake, ABS, VSC, VSC off and a buzzer noise came on. I had the car taken to a Lexus dealer and was told the Brake Actuator had failed. I then had the car towed to another shop where I got a brand new Brake Master Cylinder (with out the brake booster), new rear brakes and the car was fine. I drove it home, got new tires put on and then the very next day all of the lights and buzzer sound came on again! I took the car back to the shop where the Master Cylinder was put on and the mechanic said he was having a time trying to bleed
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