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  1. would like to change starting asking price down to 3000! hit me up guys!
  2. I'd love to trade my car for an SUV, maybe a truck, for the cargo capacity for a business I'm starting; would strongly prefer a V6. But of course, cash is king, and I am able to sell instead because a friend is willing to loan me their spare car until I can buy my next. I've owned this lexus for about 2 years now, and it has hands down been the most reliable car I've ever owned. Only time it's ever put me on the side of the road was when the old radiator busted in 2010 (the original one), but it's got a new one now, among alot of other newer parts: new rear brake pads newer tires (michelin hydroedge with existing road hazard warranty) new fan clutch newer battery newer serpentine belt newer radiator newer ignition coil new HID headlights new catalytic converter newer air filter newer harmonic balancer new camshaft seals new front crankshaft seal new ac compressor, evaporator, expansion valve, drier, o-rings and charge; awesome AC new tint all around this is off the top of my head...the only thing this car needs, other than slight cosmetic touches, is to have the brake rotors turned, they've begun to warp causing the car to vibrate when stopping at certain speeds. Otherwise, it is top notch and wouldn't hesitate to drive it if I had to go across the country. Tags are good well into 2012, and texas title is in my name. Runs quiet and perfectly smooth, does show mileage at 215k approximately but it runs perfectly because I maintain it, auto transmission with overdrive (had a recent trans flush too, about 6 months ago) As for price, I will make a good deal for a forum member, well below KBB value (which is about 3700, only in good condition) I think a good starting point is 3500, can reasonably negotiate.my name is jared, and just PM for my number if you are interested and would like to discuss. thanks!
  3. So, a week ago I went to get my sc300 inspected and it failed. Here are original numbers: First number is standard/passing, second number is what my car read HC - 111/19 CO - .61/.07 CO2 - X/12.5 for these two, the X represents there is no requisite figure for passing. O2 - X/2.5 NOX - 773/2004 dilution - >6.0/12.57 Having seen scores like this before, I thought it was a bad cat again. So I replaced the cat. Here are the consequent figures after a new cat: HC - 111/20 CO - .61/.20 CO2 - X/14.7 O2 - X/.1 NOX - 773/938 dilution - >6.0/14.9 They retarded my timing a bit and it brought all the figures down to where I could pass (barely, but my O2 went up from .1 to .2) Now, I know that I have a small leak in my intake tube after the MAF, so theres some unmetered air likely getting in. Secondly, one flange on my cat has only one bolt holding it on, cuz the stud broke off, so I'll probably just get a tiny c-clamp on it and call it fixed. Oh, and I use regular gas instead of premium (i know i shouldnt, but money has been super tight) but I read that lower octane fuel can cause higher NOX readings. If there is anything I'm missing, as in if it's likely that there are bad O2 sensors, or EGR valve is clogged/dirty (pcv is relatively new), I'd appreciate all input. I imagine addressing the known issues is the obvious place to start though.
  4. turns out the evaporator core was leaking a bit, but another ASE suspected the expansion valve, and since i found one cheap i went ahead and went for it. ac is working beautifully now, ive been so preoccupied with getting it fixed, that i forgot to come back and check here. most likely expansion valve was sticky. was original parts, after 208k miles :P
  5. heres a little prefacing...i replaced my compressor and receiver drier, replaced some o rings, then went and had it evacuated and charged. it was gloriously cold. couple weeks later, my AC is blowing kinda warm..if its hot outside, it really sucks. the low side pressure line never gets cold and sweaty..however, the pressures are right on target, high and low. so there are no leaks, with correct pressures, that indicates theres no blockage...anyone have any ideas?? bearing in mind these unique symptoms, again, this stumped my ASE certified friend who has yet to see such a problem. would love to get some insight..mine is a 94 sc300, automatic with 207k just an fyi in case that helps your assessment. thanks guys
  6. I'm hoping someone out there has replaced the oil pan/gasket at some point and can tell me it can be done relatively easily and WITHOUT having to remove the engine to do so. Is it possible to replace the pan/gasket without removing the engine? A little detail will help..thanks guys
  7. 95 was not the first year. I have a 93 sc300 and it has one. Its my understanding that all sc300's and 400's came with fobs built into the orginal key when they were sold new. I have mine, but something was messed up with my keyless entry system. Goto best buy and get a viper keyless entry system installed $139 no other relays are needed and your alarm will arm and disarm with the lock and unlock buttons on the viper remote(as well as lock and unlock your car wow!)....or you could go get a quote from lexus and depending on whats wrong with your system for 700-1000 bucks like they told me haha i called up the lexus dealer and as it turns out, mine didnt have a fob (according to him) rather just the master key had a button for the door locks, which i guess automatically tied into the alarm, i dunno...but yeah, the key itself was like 225 bucks plus 65 to program it i think? i passed. but viper huh? i may check that out, it sure would be nice to not have to mess with the key to lock and unlock anymore. :)
  8. i would have searched on this before asking, but the retarded search function wont let me search with 4 characters or less, so 'fob' was unsearchable. ANYWAY...i have a 94 sc300, and was wondering if it came stock with a key fob? im inclined to think it has, because there is a switch built in under the dash that disables remotes, and it looks factory..secondly, i just discovered last week my car has a factory alarm, when somehow the security featured was engaged and i tried to close the hood, it triggered some switch which set the alarm off. i went on ebay to check for fobs, and it appears 95 is the first year that it was offered..so....what gives?
  9. holier than thou attitude? i am in no way wrong. i didnt get an actual response, just a cut and paste email. if he had said "please follow the link to find your answer" which would have been redundant, all he had to say was "no, sorry we dont just sell them, only the service" and i would have been happy. instead, i, the potential customer, was shown disrespect by not even getting an official answer. ive worked in customer service for years, and this is NOT protocol. i merely believe that when someone asks you a question, you have the friggin decency to answer it; if thats too much to ask for, then f**k me for my high expectations. secondly, despite how anyone speaks to you, when you are running a business, you dont directly insult a person who is inquiring about making you money. i certainly will go out of my way to ensure i never use them, and strongly discourage anyone from doing so, and its simply for principle. i remember reading that the lights themselves in the needles rarely go out, its the capacitors that need replacing. anyway...i dont feel ive done any wrong, or expected too much...anyone else who thinks so, i would seriously question the capacity of their mental acuity.
  10. i realize this post is quite a bit later than the last posting, but i just have to comment...cadillacs are not that great..ive heard from many people, in different walks of life saying how the quality of cadillac is very poor. if someone is basing cadillac quality on a 69 model, i think most people here are referring to the vehicles made within the last 10 years, which is what counts since nobody lives in the past... the sc300/400 are incredible cars. toyota spent 400 million on research and development for the sc line. my sc300 has over 180k miles, all original, and works great. hell, it was even in a flood, according to the title, but no problems. ive always had good experience for the most part with fords, and i had a nissan pathfinder that was as tough as nails...ive driven two toyota's and both died hard...likely wont go with toyota, but lexus is treatin me just fine. :)
  11. so i asked a simple question, merely if for the 100 dollars i received the 4 needles so i could just do the fix myself, and rather than get an email back that has an actual answer, i get a response that is in block format, that someone probably just copied and pasted into. feeling very annoyed, that i the potential customer deserve an actual answer if im to give this company my business/money, respond again to tell them i wont do business with them, and suggested they learn some customer service skills. no swearing, no personal remarks; i just made it very clear that i was unhappy, and would not do business with them, and would tell others to do the same. the response i get from that is about as professional as a 10 year old's lemonade stand. for those who cannot read the screenshot, i will copy and paste. just wanted to show that i was not exaggerating. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Your answer is the third question on the first link you lazy *BLEEP* ~Lextech Lighting Systems On Feb 1, 2010, at 3:21 PM, jared wilson <jw11432@yahoo.com> wrote: for the sake of customer service, and bearing in mind alot of awful reviews ive already read about this company, i might advise that you actually answer peoples questions. do NOT just send them to a link. that is NOT proper customer service. i will gladly avoid this company now, and be sure to tell others to do the same. feel free to try again once someone over there actually learns some customer service skills." -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------