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  1. I don't know but The guy I know who works at a garage said that they don't rebuild Japanese engines because the parts are hard to reach or something like that. But he didn't say the Lexus engine he said japanese cars Like the Subaru Legacy and cars like that when their engine dies you can't rebuild them. But the thing is nobody knows about the 1 UZ FE engine. I like to keep this car for a long time but don't know if I'll be able too because I know that with American cars when the engine gets old you can rebuild them and like put a new crankshaft re sleeve them change the pistons,pistons rings ,gaskets and stuff like that and more. But I don;t know if it can be done with these engines because nobody ever actually worked on these. My engine is still good as new but the thing is I think my driving is a little bit to much to make it last a lot longer. I drive in pwr mode and sometimes gear changes at like 4 or 5 k Rpms because I drive a little sporty but till now I have 0 issues with this car and hope to keep it that way.
  2. I have an SC400 but in the opposite situation. I bought the car from my sister about 4 years ago and she bought a 1999 rx with Nakimichi sound system. The rx is at home now she's not driving it because the tranny gave up. Somebody is rebuilding the tranny now. But still even before that she said that she misses her sc400. Now with the bad experience she had with the transmission on the Rx she thinks she's gonna sell it next year and buy a Land Rover. I told her to just get another 1st generation sc or ls but she said no because when you buy a car that old you don't know how the previous owners have treated it. Then you can end up with a bad car. Me Myself I'm gonna keep the sc for now till I get my hands on my brothers car. That's my next dream car. He has a 2007 Mercedes S550. In 2012 he's done paying off this car at the bank but I hope he's not selling it right then because I won't be ready. I don't want to pay the bank each month for the car I want to save up for the car so if he sell it like in 2014 then maybe I'll come up with $40k by then. So I hope MY sc will last till then. But... If My engine goes out before that then I'm gonna have to buy a new car. Then I'll buy an AUdi or a PASSAT cc with 4 motion(all wheel drive)and luxury package. But the I'll probably need to forget about the S class. But right now that's about the only car I actually like I don't know if I lost my taste in cars or if I got spoiled by drving a Lexus. But I don't find any car better then My sc. A few weeks ago I took a ride in a Jaguar TYPE S with 1 of our brothers in christ and I wasn't even impressed. I said like IS THIS a Jaguar?????? I feld like I was riding in a Ford Taurus or something I mean I didn't even feel like I was in a Luxury car and this was a 2005 model and BRITISH. Maybe there is something wrong with me but I still think the sc400 ride is WAAAAAAY smoother and feels more luxurious then in theJaguar Type S. Strange but that's how I felt. BUt I hope these will become a classic soon. When I buy my S class Mercedes I won;t sell my SC I'll keep it if the engine goes out I'll try somehow to fit another engine in it I'll do anything to keep it till I die! When I die then they can do whatever they want with that car.
  3. TRy cleaning the connectors. I got an almost similar problem and after I cleaned the connectors the Check engine light went away and the car stopped stalling.
  4. Oh come on why do we have to start this? Look The maf sensor is like a light bulb right? Well a lightbulb is made to burn a certain amount of hours but the reason why people don't change them before they burn out is because nobody has an hour meter on their light switch to count how many hours the bulb has burned. But some people do. Look I have a DLP tv in the livinroom. That one uses a DLP bulb because it's a rear projection tv. That tv DOES have an hour meter build in. You reset it when you change the bulb and it counts and when the bulb is about to go out a light will start flashing on the tv telling you that it's time to replace the bulb. If you ignore it then one day you'll turn on the tv and you've got no picture. It's the same with cars. Things go out at certain mileagebut not only mileage but age is also a factor. Some parts go with age and not mileage. I work at a car dealership and I can tell you I saw '90s cars with 80k miles that already has a bad crankshaft and the same model but like year 2000 with 200k miles still going strong. And don't say you're car is better then mine you haven't looked at it and if you take a ride in it you'll be amazed by the ride quality. Everybody that rides in my car thinks it's amazing that a car this old can run so nice it's in NEAR NEW CONDITION. When the car is cold it starts up perfectly. You've just got to put the key in the ignition and turn it over don't even TOUGH the gas pedal it will start and keep running WITHOUT giving gas. This on a car with 145k miles. I use synthetic oil that's whats keeping the engine in top shape. If you give it gas the engine still has a LOT OF POWER and doesn't LEAK ANY OIL. Did I mention I use synthetic? Now tell me who's got a car in this kind of condition. This has been my sister's car since 1997 she really took great car if it she sold me it around 4.5 years ago and it still drives like the day she got it in 1997 as a certified pre owned car. All 90' cars I see on the road are beat up IF THEY ARE STILL on the road. Most cars has already reached their big end and can't be driven anymore. Most of the time when I see a 90's car I see them broken down at a traffic light or by the side of the road. A few weeks back I even saw a guy I knew WAY BACK years ago he was stuck in is Geo Metro Istopped and helped him push it off the road. The other day a friend came to visit my son he has a Neon a 1996 Neon he went to start it and the thing wouldn't start. But even if it starts it never starts on the first try and the engine definitly sounds like it's had it's better days.
  5. Oh yeah? Well let me tell you this CAR NEVER BROKE DOWN WITH ME on the road. Only onc I had stallin problem when the Maf sensor had problems but m car is in it's best shape. I'm almost the only onethat has a 90's ca in this good shape. When I changed the fuelpump I noticed that the engine became more responsive so mine was already weak waiting to go out. That doesn't mean the car is completely fail safe but if you know something IS GONNA FAIL why wait till it fails and leave you stranded on the side of the road. Till now I never had car trouble tat left me stranded by the side of the road but I know a lot of people who did because these parts fail. There are parts tha always fail aroun certain mileage.
  6. Not right now but I think it's gonna happen. I can see on this forum that people give up their cars just because a timing belt broke or something small happens because the repair costs as much as the value of a car. In the modern society people think different in the older days you bought house to grow old in but nowadays if the mortgage they owe is higher then what their house is worth now they just stop paying and let the house go into foreclosure and lose their home on purpuse. It's the same thing with cars now I work at a car dealership and almost everybody thinks the same way. In the older days people we're proud of their Cadiilacs and cryslers they wanted to drive them their whole life but now we became a throw away society everybody throws their tvs every 2 years to buy a new one and things lik that. And of course what car parts store is gonna sell parts that people won't buy. So soon they will all stop selling.
  7. Yes Maf sensor do go bad I work at a car dealrship so I know exactly what goes bad at what mileage. Most coil packs seem to last for about 80k miles some go till 100k and fuel pump also. The Maf sensor will go bad because th connectors get dirty and short out the sensor. That's what happened to me. And actually I was going to replace the Maf but a guy I know who works at a garage that repairs different kind of cars told me that it's a common problem with Lexus that the connectors go bad to just clean it and maybe it will work again. He came with a fluid I don't know what it was cleaned the connctors and put it back. THe car wa RUNNING FINE the the CEL wen't OFF.
  8. That's the problem Lexus parts are expensive but the value of the car is too low. If your timingbelt brakes or your headgasket leaks the labor will cost more then the car is worth so nobody does it. If nobody does these that means that nobody will sell these parts either. And that means that our cars will become opsolete. That's what I'm afraid of. That I'm gonna end up with a car that has a good engine and everything but completely useless because there's no parts available to fix them because nobody thinks it's worth it to fix this car. In the older days older cars actually had better value because they become classic but now days that doesn't seem like it's gonna be the same. That's a shame because these can make for great classics. But in your case trying going for a 1999 or 2000 one that you'll be sure you're gonna find parts at least 5 years from now
  9. Yes it's good to replace parts anyway for prevention later on. Me myself I replaced the fuel pump,Coil pack just for peace of mind. Now I got to replace the Maf it failed already but I cleaned the connectors and the problem went away but I want to change it anyway.
  10. No Just send the unit to audiovideoservicestop. You don't need parts from Nakimichi to fix your stereo maybe it's a capacitator going bad or something and these can be replaced with any other ones regardless of brands. Mine just got fixed at least that's what they told me I'll see when I get it back. Mine had a different kind of problem but it got fixed apparently. Lets see when I get it back
  11. Yeah Tell them!!!!!. My sc400 had the nakimichi system too but it had a problem so I replaced it with an Alpine unit. BIG MISTAKE. My cd changer quit working just 1 year after I installed it and when I went online to get some information I found out that everybody has the same problem and the fix costs like $200 and a new one $300. But Lukily I kept my old system in the garage. I just send it to a place called Audiovideoservicestop and they said they fixed the issue. So now I'm looking forward to putting it back in my car and nobody can tell me that it's impossible because I only have to connect wires together back again to make it work. It will be easy. The only thing is I don't have the cd changer so I've gotta find one cheap but never get rid of your oem stuff. Electronics of today are complete crap you're better orf fixing your oem system for only about $100
  12. Well let's see. I know a guy who's an expert on transmissions so I'm gonna go tomorrow to pick up 2 guys I know that are good on cars to help me get the tranny out of her rx and bring it to him. Then he'll see what he can do with it maybe he can fix it for way cheaper price. Right now she can't afford a new car but next year she'll sell it and buy a new one. But not this year.
  13. Unfortunatly not that much. I see them go at $2500-$3000 but I advice you to just repair that car. Because they don't make cars like this anymore My sister bought her 1994 sc400 in 1997 And drove it for 9 years and sold it to me 4 years ago. Now she's got a 1999 rx300 at 113k and the tranny already died. But my car is still running very and I mean very well like it's brand new but it has 145k on it. And I drive a little agressive I drive it like a BMW or an AUdi but it still runs great I mean absolutely great the engine doesn't make any weird noise and the transmission still shifts very smooth. And it doesn't leak any oil either it's like the only 1994 car that doesn't leak any oil. Amazing. But newer cars aren't so great they won't last as long so you better just fix your sc. Somebody told me that the engine in japanese cars are too hard to rebuild so I'll get rid of mine when the engine starts to burn oil or something like that.
  14. HI all. My sister has got a 1999 rx300 with nakimimichi sound system and now she's got a big problem. The car has 113 k miles on it and she takes really good care of it. My sc400 I actually bought from her 4 years ago and everything still runs perfect. But this one well..... The car will drive but till like 30 to 40 mph if you go to fast the tranny will disingage and the car will not switch into drive again until you turn the engine off and start it back up again. She's puzzeled at what to do. She went to a Lexus dealer they told her the tranny needs to be replaced and a new tranny will cost like $5000. She said she thinks she's not gonna fix the tranny she's gonna sell the car as is and buy an Acura mdx or a Hyundai Veracruz. Because she's so discusted with the car she said like the sc400 she had before was way better in quality it has 145k miles on the odo and it's a 94 and the tranny hasn't ever been touched. She kind of expected the samething with her rx but later all japanese products quality have degraded a lot. Now I'm thinking because I work at a vw dealer and I know that with vw people often do a SOFT REBUILD of a tranny. I don't know exactly what part they change but people do it when they have tranny problem that doesn't require a new tranny but just to fix the problem to get the car on the road again. In this case a new tranny for $5000 is to much for a tranny but for a tranny this expensive isn't there a way to soft rebuild it. I'll appreciate if one of you can guide me through the process of rebuilding a tranny partially because I work on cars but never did tranny rebuild but I personally think that a car like Lexus with such an expensive tranny at 113k there has to be a way to soft rebuild the tranny do get the car running properly again. I know that I shouldn't question a dealership expertise so if they say it can't be done I have to listen to them but I work a t a dealer I know it's not lexus but vw but THEY DO MAKE MISTAKES so possibly there's something that the mechanics at the dealership didn't see . But I want to ask for help maybe if anyone can help her out so she's wont have to sell the car
  15. Hi all. I just wanted to share something with you people I went to Belem Brazil last month for a vacation and to meet the rest of my wifes family because she is from Brazil. One of her relative had this really great car. It;s called Toyota Mark 2 Grande. But I mean if you see this car you will go nuts!!!!!!!!! First of all this car was a 1993 model but when I first looked at it I tought it was like 2003 or something. I mean I cannot understand why Toyota didn't sell these in the U.S. Because if they did they would have outsold the Ford TAURUS FOR SURE. I mean look at this car try to google it and look at it you'll find that this car is truly amazing. It has the steering wheel on the right hand side so as a passenger I had to sit on the left side where the driver normally would sit in the U.S and that felt a little weird but the car was a beauty. It has great durability like a Lexus. The one I saw had 200kilometers on the odo but ran like brand new. The engine is the same engine that is found in the Sc300 and the Toyota Supra. It's a Durable engine that is capable of handling high rpms. This car was like the family of the Toyota Soarer a.k.a Lexus sc300 and 400. Let me tell you if you even see this car you will learn to Appriciate Toyotas a LOT MORE. I mean you got the respect these engines like these supra engines and the 1 uz fe. People like to say that Lexus is actually a badge engineering thing because they are sold as Toyotas in Japan but if you see the mark 2 like I saw the Mark 2 I learned to love my sc more now knowing that it came from the Toyota soarer. Because the soarer is not just any car and the Mark 2 is also a very great car. In Brazil people really love these cars and the owner of the Mark 2 said he will never buy anything other then Toyota. I know my post maybe kind of stupid but I got shocked when I saw the Mark 2 and learned much more about Toyotas engines. So can any of you try to look at one and tell me what you think of those?
  16. Hi 1990ls 400 since you know much about Nakamichi I wanna ask you if you know somehing about Alpine? Because I have Alpine I know this brand I first saw it like in 1999 at a car show and always tought this brand is expensive but a High Quality brand. But in 2008 I bought an Alpine from a webside online the Headunit was like $1000 and the amps we're like $750 each they we're only 100 watts amps. Now I'm having problems my cd changer quit working since last year and I find it strange that I can't find ANY SUPPORT not even online for this stereo system. Everywere I look it's like this system doesn't even exist. Is Alpine STILL IN BUSINESS? Can you even help me maybe you knowhow to tell if my system is REAL or a cheap imitation. Because I'm actualy suspecting I got ripped off. Because I find it strange that company sells something that's SO EXPENSIVE and they don't have ANY SUPPORT when people get problems withit. I couldn't even find a forum online we're people postthat they have this system. Does Alpine even Exist?
  17. Nakamichi IS STILL IN BUSINESS! I Went on their webside a couple of weeks ago and they have great things that they didn't have 1.5 years ago when I was looking for a Stereo system. So I went for an Expensive Alpine system that can't play cds anymore now the changer went after just 1.5 years. But check for a new Nakamichi aftermarket nakamichi system if you really want Nakamichi because their products really last. Look how long the Nakimichi stock units lasted in our cars
  18. Looks like you had a short that blew the fuses. Try to locate the fuses and replace them if it happens again after you replace them then you may really have an electrical issue.
  19. Ok I'm sorry but I'm gonna stop this right now. I know all ths is stupid stuff but it's the kind of things I have to put up with with the young guys I work with that talks only about speed speed and speed and racing and that kind of stuff. I know it's crazy and after working every day with them I kinda got as crazy as them also but this is not me I'm not a kind of person who only speaks about my car my car is a way of transportaton and I don't have to be proud of it who cares if it's better then Vw or not you know to young guys that's all that matters their cars but not me there are mostimportant things in life then to sit and talk about my car. Like I said I'm sorry for such catching my coworkers childish behiavior and going racing them on the freeway like crazy and post about it here. It's not important I know it's dangerous to drive fast and I should have known better but that's not how I normally act. Once Again I'm really sorry.
  20. Ok so SC 400 really DO HAVE the same engine as the Ls 400. I know this is Normal in most car manifacturers like Gm also put the same engines in their normal cars that they do in their higher performance cars. The thing is like with Mercedes Benz they came with a though engine that's especially designed to drive fast. It has a stronger crankshaft to handle High rpms without a problem. But people at work say that vw's has that too that the engine and transmissions are heavy duty and designed to be able to withstand High Rpms MOst of then these days have an automatic tiptronic transmission and most of these guys shift on very high Rpms. They shift like at 5k rpm or something like that they say that because their car is a sportcar they can do that and nothing will happen to the engine but if I do that I will kill my transmission and my engine because my car is a luxury car it's not made for performance driving. Please don't get me wrong I'm not trying to race here on anything I am almost 40 years old but I'm just curious to find out what the difference is between Luxury engines and so called sportcars engines. Because as I can see most Vw and Audi's are not even sportcars they are Sedans but the thing is they have a smaller engine but they put Turbo in it so you'll get like V8 performance out of a 1.8 engine. BUt does that mean that the engine is extra strong to take High Rpm? And yesterday we tried something on the freeway and the only Vw that seems faster then my car was the Passat CC man that car is SOOOOO fast I watched it go. The owner said that he can do 0-60mph in 1.4 sec.yes ONE POINT FOR SECONDS!!! He said he timed it himself one day and I saw that was the only car that really leaves me behind. BUt I was a little faster then the Jetta the Jetta has a tiptronic Gearbox so he was shifting like beyond redline and me with my Automatic kept passing the Jetta everytime with the lever in D I was just flooring it the car would pick up speed but go so smoothly but it still had a little more then the Jetta. I could even pass the Audi A4 avant bit the Passat could keep up with me better. The passat is a car that I would respect also because with a 2.0 engine it's about as strong as my V8 but still when I really gunned it I was able to pass it once. A few months back there was a lady who worked with us who had a Bmw 3 serie I think it was 335 or something but it was 1994 too and after work we we're on the same road I gunned it and passed her also. But I think that's because her car had a few issues because she herself said that she haid a problem with the exhaust and maybe that kind of took away some horsepower. But I mean A lexus going faster then a BMW? First time in history even if the BMW is not performing 100% I'm not a speed person but I just went yesterday to kind of see what it's really like and if it's true what people are talking about. But about the engines how do most of you qualify the engines. I'm guessing that the SC300 engines MUST BE LIKE VW engines in term of sustaining high Rpms because it's the Supra engines. But what about the 1 UZFE? How do you rank these engines in terms of their strenght? THe 1UZFE,Supra Engines,Vw and Audi's engines,Mercedes Engines,BMW engines,Gm Engines Honda engines and Fords Duratec? I know this post makes no sense but I'm just curious because at work we always have these no sense talks about who's car is faster and who's engine is stronger and I always can't defend myself because I don't know much about the car I drive. You know how young people of today are they just talk and talk like yeah My car is the best and this car is faster and sportier but Lexuses are for old people that likes luxury but I want to prove it's not like that. I'm thinking that Vws engines and the 1uzfe are about the same in sustaining high Rpms I don;t think there are any difference maybe only the pistons are a little stronger because they have to handle the Turbo but that's about it. But anyway I know all this stuff is senseless so I can imagine why most people won't read it I know it's stupid to sit and talk about speed and performance especially about Lexus but I'm just a little curious that's all
  21. Oh The thing is when I give a comment I don't give exactly my comment I give the comment of the people at work because they know more about foreign cars then me anyway. But the thing is I know more now I didn't know that Lexus can last as long as a CRown victoria I thought only Crown vics and Cadillac can go for this kind of Mileage. So far I knew Cadillac is a very reliable luxury car that's why most people over 50 prefers it. But I didn't know that Lexus can last that long too till I came on this Forum in the Ls forum there are people that has like 360 on the Odo. But now I'm trying to find out what kind of transmission and engine are in the Sc400 so I can look for information so then I'll give out better information because I'll know more. The thing is I was mostly an American cars fan so I know lots more about American then foreign cars and so far I knew Cadillac and GM was the best ford had the most lower quality engines but the explorer and expeditions have very good engines because they are Mazda based And crysler also like K cars have hard engines that goes for a lot of miles and some early 90's chrysler even had Mitsubishi engines in them that gave out better performance then even HOnda
  22. The thing is I don't know about the Sc300 but on the 400 the engine is very smooth so sometimes you are aproaching the redline but you don't know it till you look at the Tach. I found myself in this situation before I have an AUTOMATIC and still when I really press on the gas pedal it goes like over 5k rpm but it does it so smoothly you don't feel the engine screaming but the tach goes way high. The thing is I don't know if Lexus cars even have rev limiters like American or European cars have. On my dad's infinityq45 I went BEYOND the redline because of that. I was testing the car I put the shift in L and floored it and the car picked up speed and when I looked at the tach it was at 7K RPM! I immediatly switched to second gear I tought to myself why doesn't this thing has a rev limiter. I tought I must have cracked the Engine block FOR SURE. But nothing happened. So I guess even going OVER the redline at least once you won't do anything to your engine or you're transmission. BUt if you do it everyday then you'll be sorry
  23. I am somebody who knows cars for a long time especially American cars and I know a lot about the engines they have like every car have a name or number for the Engine or Transmission they have. But I don't know much about foreign engines. I work at the Vw dealership and they tell me that the engine in my car is the same as the Ls has. But that can't be true the thing is they don't know this engine is not a stupid engine it has almost audi like performance it can go to high rpms without problems but it' still very smooth but it's still sporty not a luxury engine. Like with Duratec engines when you drive them a little hard they lose power very fast in a few years you'll have slower performance so most people baby the car a little more. But my sc400 feels a little bit like an Audi like it's a sportcar but the engine is still quiter and smoother then Audi but when I step on the gas the way it operates feel more european then luxury. So I found out the Ls 400 has an 1uzfe engine. That engine was designed FOR the Ls 400 and it's a 4.0 v8. The sc400 is ALSO a 4.0 v8 but I went too google and I found the 1 uzfethe 2 uzfe and 3uzfe. But only the 1Uzfe is 4.0 v8. But these are all Original 100% Toyota engines. But people at work told me that in the 90's Gm owned Toyota and Toyota build a lot of cars on the platform of Gm. LIke Toyota Corolla is actually a Chevy Prism a Geo Metro also has a Toyota that looks like it and that the Sc400 is actually a Cadillac model that should have come out but didn't . But I'm thinking the Sc400 is build together with another EUROPEAN car maker like Chrysler have Benz engines I think the engine is part 1uzfe and part Mercedes or something. Because I went to change the bushings a few months ago and noticed that My sc had independent suspension. It's not normal for a car to have an independent suspension in 1994 so I think the suspesion came out of some European car. So do any of you know the number of the engine AND the transmission found in the SC400? And did Gm really own TOYOTA? Because these people are car guys but they don't know. Way back in the begining they tought all LEXUSUS had a camry engine in them and we're all front wheel drive. Now they went to look for some information and came out with this thing that Sc400 has Ls 400 engines and that those engines are lame and not build for performance like Vwengines. All they are interested in is speed and performance and this likes cars made for older people I don't care about that but just for the record I want to find out that I don't have an engine made for slow luxury cars.
  24. ok but does anybody have a solution? I found a place online called audio video service stop and they say they can repair all kinds of stock car radios including the Pioneer Nakamichi system in the Lexus. In the meantime I think I' going to buy a Palm thungsten that's a palmtop computer thatcan play mp3s and connect that to an i Griffin or something like that that's an fm transmitter so then I'll set it to play my mp3s on an Fm frequency. I can't buy another i Pod because the newer i pods require USB 2.0 and my computer doesn't have that s I'll need anew Computer PLUS the i Pod and that's a total of about $1000 that I refuse to spend after spending $2400 last year for my stereo system. Electronics has become a pain in the rear now I wish they didn't phase out the Cassete tape yet. That was a lot easier. NOw there are only 2 mp3's player on the market one is the i pod the other is the creative Zen xfi but that's not compatable with macs and I got a mac so the onlyn option for me is the Palm thungsten that costs like $199. But that's ok because I actually wanted to get a Palm ever since Palm pilot came out but never got to buy one. Not only that I can download software to it like older games or something like that soI can have something to do when I'm in a doctors office or something like that. But electronics these days are killing me. At home I got a Sony Wega 60 inch rear projection tv that has ayellow blob on it for the THIRD time. This is the last year of the warranty so they will replace it but after june this year I'm on my own if the tv goes on again. My blue ry player went out too right now I have a C band system connected to my tv from the90's wityh a 4dtv box it's all old stuff but they work better then new ones today. If this keeps up I'm gonna keep buing only used electronics stuffsince new stuff are so unreliable anyway
  25. Well what kind of car did you end up buying? One car I can recomend you is a Ford Taurus. I had a 2002 Ford Taurus SEL that sold to get my sc400(yeah I know dumb desicion but make a lot of those). But that one looked a lot like a Lexus inside. I'm not talkning about the gl or something like that I'm talking about the SEL. The L stands for leather. Mine had a complete leather interior just like my sc the kind of leather is different from my SC I don't know if it was real leather or not but itlooked good. I had all the extra options like a compass in the mirror Mach audio system with EIGHT SPEAKERS,digital climate control and 10 extra horsepower in the engine. It was a nice car and it was a smooth car also. Fuel economy was like my Sc and people say that Taurusus lasta long time. Since people here say that camrys have problems with sludge buildup and overheating I tougt I'd recomend a camry rival. Maybe you can check if you can find one real cheap. BUt look for the SEL and nothing else and maybe you'll find one like the one I used to have with all the extra options. OH did I mention it had remote keyless entry also?
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