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  1. Cduluk, that is absolutely amazing work. I want to echo the comments of others that I hope you share this project with Lexus's design teams. This is incredibly professional, elegant and high-end. One question: I may have missed it in your description, but did you use that 'soft rubbery paint' on the hard plastic of the key that I remember from one of your earlier projects? The key looks 'softer' than mine.
  2. [quote name='HankJ Now what I was asking for is real life experiences wrt milage, cost and performance. Speaking for me, it's hard to have a basis of comparison because 99.9% of petrol stations use 10% ethanol mix locally. I know that some aficionados believe strongly that ethanol hurts performance, though, as above, Lexus has tested ethanol up to 10% concentration. If you want to find a local station that is ethanol free, you may wish to look here:
  3. Rey, I use Lindsay Lexus. Their prices are available on-line, all makes and models and service dates. See When I get rid of all extras for the 60k service, including not replacing the AC filter (as someone else said, easy enough to do yourself with a NAPA gold filter) and not replacing the diff fluid (don't know how necessary this is--it's another $150), it comes to $426. (For 30k service, it's $350 plus $150 for diff fluid.) Good luck!
  4. CD, that looks great. One question: did the Lexus logo come with the chrome grill? I've never seen that blue outline on the logo before--very interesting look.
  5. Just wanted to add my compliments: the new format looks great! :)
  6. Agreed! Very sporty looking. Liked the sport and eco driving mode options. Didn't see mpg estimates--assume they are still pinning that down...
  7. As I said, others have installed after-market solutions. The Dice Silverline is an after-market solution. The above poster has had a great experience with it. I would do a little digging before I committed--some others have been frustrated by the limitations of the interface (limitations on scrolling, searching, seeing a complete list of your library, missing albums/songs, etc), though to be fair, most after-market solutions will have these limitations as they are working within the architecture of the Lexus interface The link from my previous post shows similar after-market products (e.g., the Vais SL2i); I'm not sure if it discusses the Dice Again, good luck
  8. Tommy, certainly on my 2007, there is no ability to play an iPod or other music player and interface with the device on the sat nav screen. As you say, the mp3 designation is to indicate that the cd player can play mp3 discs (I now have my wife's loaded with six mp3 discs, approx 600 songs, so a pretty big collection, though 300 of them are kids' songs!). When we want to connect an mp3 player, we do so through a cassette line in made by Monster I believe. Others have installed after-market solutions. You can do a search or look at for starters Good luck
  9. Rey, I'm with you, that doesn't make much sense. I guess they can market it as whatever they want to, but the higher speed rated tire should be by definition the performance tire compared to the H rated tire.
  10. There may be a way to change this setting via the dealership or otherwise; however, if you want a quick fix, I have found that if I push the panic (lock) button a second time, it turns the headlights off immediately rather than waiting the 30 seconds
  11. I'm still on OEM Goodyears (which I can't say that I'm overly impressed with, but the tread is still hanging in there at 19k miles) on my '07 400h. RX400h, can I deduce from your OP that you would still recommend, on the OEMs, 35 psi, just not for the Alenzas?
  12. Like Lemon said, it's a weight triggered system at least in the States; I haven't seen a manual override, which would be a nice feature for added peace of mind. I too have the '07 400h, and also have a child seat. Although we use a seat with the latch system in the back only, I was assured that the front would work in a pinch. You can certainly see the light for the passenger airbag going on and off depending on whether there is a passenger there, and when my puppy in her carrier has ridden shot-gun, she is light enough not to engage the air bag system
  13. Better Luck, thanks for the suggestion--I'll do that. I am happy with the CPO warranty package and the price, but would rather know sooner than later if there is undisclosed repaired bodywork
  14. You are worrying me, Better Luck. I just bought a CPO 2007 400h, which is also my first Lexus, from Lindsay. Carfax report was clean, and like yours, the car was originally sold by Lindsay and then repurchased by them a couple of years later. Here's hoping I have a better experience And hello all--am new to the forums. A wealth of information here!