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  1. Just got the car back with the new (used) transmission. The whine is greatly reduced with this transmission but it is still audible under accelleration above 70mph. It is better but for a $70K car it should not be there at all. It is definitely a problem with the 6th gear od and the design/manufacturing tolerances. I rarely listen to the audio system so it probably effects me more than most. I am sure that Rush wouls drown it out. My advice is drive any 2004 LS430 at 70-85 before you buy and see if it has the problem. Otherwise, I love the car and Lexus has tried to solve my problem.
  2. I finally got in touch with western region customer satisfaction. They tested 4 new LS430's and got 1 out of 4 that did not have some whine. They are driving the non-whiner to LV on Tuesday for me to test and if it does not make the obnoxious noise they are going to give me the transmission out of that car. I hope it works. Will let you know on Thurs July 8. Wish me luck.
  3. My LS430 has a high pitched whine (noise) when in 6th gear and the RPM is at about 2000 or more. This equates to about 70MPH. I spend most of my driving at 70-85 so it is driving me nuts. Lexus service has replaced the transmission once and all that did was raise the start point from 65 to 70. The dealer says to complain to the customer satisfaction department which I did 4 weeks ago--no response except one message on my answering machine saying they will look into it. Has anyone else heard of the problem or experienced it? Also, what is the name and contact info for the VP of Customer Satisfaction? Thanks for any help.