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  1. I am sorry if my suggestion above was not clear, I assumed he knew that in order to do the test, the engine must be on. Yeah I treid it with the engine on.. still no luck.
  2. I have tried that. I unplugged the sensor by the therm stat housing and the fan does not spin at all; I have interpreted that as the sensor not being the problem; becuase if I am not mistaking by unplugging that sensor I am bypassing the sensor altogether. Right? Lexusboy04 lexus es300
  3. You guys have helped me out alot at trying to diagnose this problem with my cooling fan- thanks alot. My cooling fan still does not spin at all. All sensors are ok, fuses are ok cooling components like water pump, therm stat, are all ok. I have even tried replacing the hydraulic fan itself. Finally my mechanic thinks it might be a solenoid issue. Before I go out and buy another part I do not need does anyone have any thoughts on this issue. Is there a way to troubleshoot a ps/cooling fan solenoid? Is this "screen" I hear about on the solenoid on the es300, could it clog and possibly stop my fan from running? Any advice guys would be very much appreciated. I am desperate at this point and out of a few hundred dollars. 94 ES LexusBoy04
  4. All my fuses are ok, all my all sensors seem to be fine. Is it possible for the cooling fan to go out! I hear that these fans rarely go out becuase they are hydraulic. I am really stumped on this. I have new water pump, therm stat, temp sensor. Would it be crazy for me to take the fan apart and peek inside for problems! Any advice on this matter would greatly be appreciated. :(
  5. Ok. my ps is ok, I've switched out the ECT Sensor and that fixed my temp guage problem thanks! But still my hyraulic fan is still not coming on, I have checked all of my fuses, and they all seem to be ok! I have a new water pump, and t-Stat. Any advice!
  6. My 94 lexus es300 is overheating, my temp guage is not registering the correct temperature. When my car overheats my temp guage reads cold (barley moves) My hydraulic fan does not come on at all, which leads me to believe it must be my temp sensor, problem is I cannot find it; Any advice from anyone would be much appreciated.