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  1. Here is a link to listen to the beauty of the LF-A engine (about half way down the page). http://jalopnik.com/5409408/yamaha-wants-y...r-the-lexus-lfa Some nice pics on the page as well . . .
  2. Not sure the possible reasons but I get 20 city and 25 highway mpg - usually avg about 23 per tank.
  3. From this picture, I can see a very real potential problem - not sure if the photo is Lexus or Toyota but pedals look like my '05 - from Autoblog.com. Also not sure what floor mat this is - mine is aftermarket clear with clips.
  4. I've had my '05 ES330 for about 6 weeks. It's a CPO car with 52K miles. It went to Lexus for repair work today. About 3 weeks after I bought car I noticed oil drips on the garage floor. I first thought it was motor oil but later noticed a pink color so trans fluid I guess. Lexus looked at the car and said it was a rear axle seal leak. They ordered parts and that's the initial reason for today's service. Service will be covered by CPO warranty. Earlier this week I noticed Check Engine Light/VSC/Trac Off dash lights came on. Not sure if related to the previous problem. I filled with gas and screwed the gas cap tight but lights are still on. No distinguishable difference in drive quality or gas mileage but haven't driven too many miles. Driver side door weatherstripping (the inside weatherstripping) is pulling away from top of the door frame - no big deal but I added it to the list. Doubtful if CPO warranty will cover this one. Anyone know how much that might cost to replace? I did a forum search and read a few threads about these issues (first two, anyway). Anything I should be aware of or watch out for? TSB's or reoccurring problems? Thanks in advance!
  5. My son in law is a staples manager - I'll try the "new car rug" out
  6. Bought my 2005 ES330 one month ago for $19.5k Certified All options except adjustable pedals. It does have Nav, Mark Levinson Very, very clean Blue Onyx, cashmere interior All dealer maint records 50K miles
  7. 52 years old but believe I'm only 29. 2005 ES330 Blue Onyx. Just got it - moved from Nissan Altima.
  8. Follow up answer to my own question: I went to a car stereo shop. The guy I talked to seemed immediately quite knowledgeable on the Lexus Mark Levinson system. He told me that even with a special wiring harness, I'm already using up all the Aux inputs with the cd changer and satellite. He said that there are a couple of options (including Vaistech SoundLinq) but I'd need to decide between iPod and XM Satellite. His price fpr parts and labor $290. Sound correct? I'll check on the Vais forum. He also sold Parrot bluetooth and price was about the same although install would be a lot cheaper if I were doing both at the same time.
  9. Thanks, Jim. Good thoughts for me to investigate. I hadn't really thought about whether the Parrot would interface with the Nav screen. And if it doesn't then that question is a non-issue. I noticed a thread earlier where a member had posted a detailed review of the Parrot and he used the external speaker so that he wasn't needing to customize the whole existing audio system. Maybe that's my answer. So maybe Vais for it's iPod compatibility and then something else (whenever) for bluetooth if I choose.
  10. I did a search and read as many related threads as I could find but still am not completely sure of the answer - thanks in advance. I just bought a certified '05 ES330. I have ML + Navigation + CD Changer + Sat. Can I add IPod/iPhone integration (and possibly Bluetooth)? My search results tell me my options are: SoundLinQ2 (for Ipod/iPhone) Parrot MKi9000 (for bluetooth + iPod functions) My question is "can I have it all"? I mean can I have ML + Navigation + CD Changer + Satellite AND still add one of these devices for iPod and/or bluetooth (I don't mean both the SoundLinQ and the Parrot! One or the other)? I believe the SoundLinQ device emulates a CD device on the '05. Will that work with the CD changer? Any knowledge appreciated.
  11. Thanks, I'll try the autozone idea
  12. Hi all. You'll notice this is my first post - I'll get right to the point. I just bought a certified '05 E3330 a few weeks ago with 50K miles. Dealer had repainted the hood and total paint is really, really clean. Pardon my being a perfectionist but there are a few (20+/-) little chips in the grey colored (paint?) between the chrome louvers of the front grill. Is there such a thing as touch up paint for those spots?? Certainly not an eyesore but something i'd touch up if I could. Here's a couple of shots of the whole car: (the silver bar under the steering wheel is a handicap hand-control)
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