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  1. Hi BoaR Thanks a lot. I have replaced the A/F sensor 3 times. I got both P1155 and P1135. First time, I used Bosch. It was not working. Then I replaced with Denso. It was not working. Last week, I bought the OEM part directly from Lexus dealer. The same thing happened. I gave my car to dealer Wednesday. They spent 2 days and told me that they suspected the ECU has problem. However, it's not sure.
  2. Hi I send my 1999 ES300 to dealer for CEL/TRACOFF up(P1155 and P1135). They told me that the root cause is the computer "89661-0w104-84". I need to replace it, $800+$300 labor. Does any one know (1) What's the function of this computer? (2) Do I need to program it if I install a used one? (3) What's the difference between this one and ECM? Thanks in advance
  3. Do you use parts from amazon? Are they OK? I also used the denso A/F sensor from amazon. The problem is still there.
  4. Hi Thanks for your prompt response. (1) I have measured Bosch 15217's heater resistance. it's 1.2ohm which meet specs (2) I replaced the B1S1 with Denso 234-9009 (from Amazon, original box) (3) keep B2S1 Bosch 15217. Even I do these, I still get P1135 and P1155 both. Some mechanic told me that the A/F sensor must come from dealer because it's very sensitive. Is this true?
  5. Hi My car is 1999 ES300. Couple months ago, I got ECL and TRACOFF came up both. I found the code is P1135 and P1155. Both are "A/F sensor heater circuit malfunction". I replaced B1S1 and B2S1 by Bosch 15217 wideband A/F sensors. However I still got P1135 and P1155. Have any one used Bosch 15217 for ES300? Would you mind telling me if Bosch part can be compatible with 1999 ES300? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi I'm a new member here. My car is 1999 ES300. Two months ago, ECL and TRAC OFF both came out. I checked code and shows up P0141, P1135 P1155 at same time. I replaced O2 sensor (B1S2) and two A/F sensor (B1S1, B2S1) both, but both ECL and TRAC OFF still there. All sensors are Bosch, 15217 and 13353. I figured out that I put the O2 sensor (B1S2) and A/F sensor (B1S1) wrong. I exchanged them. Unfortunately, I still get P1135 and P1155 OBD code. The B2S1 A/F sensor is put right. I had service/repair manual. According to that, I replaced A/H relay and A/H fuse. No luck. I traced the wire ju
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