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  1. Thanks folks, i've sourced the part locally (new) $45. And their mechanics will install for $31. Not worth my time and hassle to do it myself. BTW the mechanic says there aren't any rivits but small plastic trim retainers that just pop out. Sharon
  2. my husband's ES300, 2003 model passenger side front wheel well liner has come loose and pieces have broken off. he had to cut the dangling bits off so it wouldn't hit the wheel while driving. it needs to be replaced. i am trying to source the part for him. I would go to a U Pull It junkyard for the part but I fear there are rivets holding it on in some places that we don't know how to remove without damaging it. As an aside, even if we are able to source a part (new or used) getting it put on may present a problem, but one thing at a time. First, to source the part, second to get it installe
  3. Thanks again, what can i say? You're just awesome. I jury rigged the paperclip. Now waiting for Husband to get home to give me a jump to go to my meeting and it's POURING cats and dogs... darn it. Time will tell if this will get me where i need to go. Or at least keeping me from going into dead battery mode. Heres one thing that i noticed. On the picture you posted of the lock and hardware, and times to install, the part i thought i needed to order isn't there. Here's a picture off of the back door, lock and ha
  4. That's awesome, Thanks! I hate to do this, but a couple more questions if you don't mind. It' will take a week or so to get the part shipped. I don't want to be 'down' that long with the battery constantly running dead every couple of days. So do you think it will hurt if I jury rig (i.e. duct tape) the paper clip into the plastic housing to keep it 'fooled' into thinking it's closed all the time, until i get the part and get it to the mechanic? Lastly would you consider scanning and attaching the page where it says .2 to .5 hours to install that particular part? Thanks so much. Regar
  5. You're the man CDULUK! Thank You! The paperclip test shut off the dashboard light. Unfortunately the car is as dead as a doornail. But not so dead I couldn't see the dashboard door open warning light go off. My husband jumped it last night while I was making dinner and it was my intention to drive it around for 20 or 30 minutes afterward, but he thought he'd do me a favor and drive it around for me. I later found out he only drove it twice around the block which didn't charge squat. I have a board meeting to go to this evening and it will take 30 minutes to get there. I'll get a jump befo
  6. How the heck to you find out about all this stuff? I mean after the battery is out, it's kinda easy to see the stuff that's been reset to default mode, but you know, stand on your head and tap your heals together while singing the third line of star spangled banner to reset it to desired settings... how you find this out is just amazing!!
  7. Hands down, wipe out the interior with Muurphy's Oil Soap. Leather seats and all. Just not the windows. You'll really like it. Smells like new car to me.
  8. OK. Thanks everyone for your patience and your help. Especially, you, CDULUK. Per instructions I removed the interior lower (carpet covered) panel in the rear hatch door. I followed the only wire coming from the lock itself to a junction just inside the panel. (see figure 1). Arrow on the wire points toward the lock mechanism. Figure 2 pictures the lock assembly unbolted, the red arrow points to the other end of the wire from figure 1 going into the lock assembly itself. Figure 3 is a picture of the lock assembly from the other side. The red arrow points to the wire going into the loc
  9. ok. Thanks. Now how do I go about taking it apart? What am I looking for and how will I know it when I see it? Thank you!
  10. Based on everything I've read, downloaded, searched this forum, etc., I think it might be the courtesy switch in the rear door. Does anyone know were that might be? Thanks!
  11. Note: I just tried disconnecting the battery for a few seconds to see if that would reset anything. Didn't work.
  12. It all started with a trip to Home depot for my husband to buy a door skin, aka 3/8" luan. It was 5' x 7' and I was wondering how the heck he thought I'd get this in my RX300. I got it in up to the back of the front seats and it was hanging out the back a foot and a half or so and I couldn't close the back hatch/door all the way. So... I got a short bungee cord from my toolbox and hooked one end through the bottom door latch ("U shaped bolt looking thing" on the back floor. This is what the door lock connects to.) and the only upper place I could get it to go was in the door lock itself.
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