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  1. I have 2007 , LS 460 . the drivers arm rest has some cracks . I any received a letter from Lexus stating , armrest , dashboard cracked will be replaced @no no charge . I brought my car to lexus. they took pictures of the whole interior . said they would order the whole interior because is had to be manufactured. so I am getting a free arm rest. And if other parts crack they will have the parts in stock. Received letter in march 2020
  2. I think there is a TSB for this problem. With my car it was between the dash & wind shield..
  3. Hi, I had my M/L amp repaired. A company on ebay , located in upstate ny. The cost was $550. They did an excellent job.. The amp sounds better than it did . If you need more info . Text me. 6319261172
  4. i always try to park far away from the crowd,,,, some people don't care or understand about respecting other folks vehicles. its just a car to them..
  5. Hello, I have a 2007 LS , The front rotors were always a problem. Cut under warranty. until the warranty ran out. I went to rock and bought a set of beck arnley rotors , they have 5000 miles so far and are good. I think lexus rotors may have a flaw. They were not hard to put on. good luck
  6. Get BECK ARNLEY rotors from Rock auto .com . Lexus rotors have problems , and I baby my brakes!!!!
  7. Hello, I have a LS460 with a ML stereo. I have had other car stereos with more punch when listening to rock. The ML has execellent sound quality and sounds great with any type of music, but I feel it is targeted more for jazz , micheal buble and music like that. Don't get me wrong , any music sounds great, but if your expecting a system with a real heavy punch , this system may not be for you. My Infiniti fx had a bose system with alot of punch. Punch meaning mid bass punch. hope this helps. Tom
  8. i have a 2007 LS ,front rotors cut twice. i bought a set of beck arnley rotors . installed them and so far so good. lexus rotors tend to warp.
  9. Hi Guys , I don't have AWD. But my 07 ls46o was getting a vibration @ 70 mph.. The dealer put it on the rack and showed me the inside tread of both rear tires were worn from bad alignment in the rear . After new tires and rear alignment every has been fine ... Hope this helps someone.
  10. My LS 460 07 , did have slight hesitation under moderate acceleration. It always performed well floored. recently the hesitation got so bad the car was almost undriveable . My wife called and got the Lexus dealer to pick the car up, she was uncomfortable driving it. well , we got the car back in about 3 hours ,,,, they flashed the computer, which was not communicating correctly with engine, and I must say the car run like a different car now. i took it for a spin and its totally awesome.I cant wait to floor it on my favorite road, ( one thats safe to speed on ). Call and have yours done ,, its TSB Technical Service Bulliten, so there no charge. Good Luck.
  11. Hello, i am in the garagedoor biz. Short range can be caused by other frequencies jamming you door signal. These are a few I have come across ,, battery chargers, wireless doorbells and cable tv amplifiers. Try un pluging anything in your garage or house that you think may be interferring. Dont rule anything out. Good luck
  12. I had the recall done today. Lexus smithtown ny. brought the car in @ 9:00 and received a call @ 12:30 from sheila, my service rep that i could pick the car up after 2:00. The service @ this dealership is quite good. The car had a fulltank of gas and no gas odors that some replies stated . Car runs great. As for 7 hours of labor,, i dont thinks so. more like 3.5 to 4.
  13. I bought a set of clear floor mats to protect the carpet mats, also from Matt @ Lexus parts world. The mats were around 55.oo , Custom cut for the 460. The carpet color can be seen through them . Very nice. Lexus parts world is a class act.