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  1. Hey Everyone, Totalled my 93 es300 and pulled as many parts possible before sending it to the junk yard. Below is a list of items I have for sale. All were in working order prior to me pulling them. - White driver's side and passenger side side view mirrors. $50 both - Radiator with fan $75 - All 4 power window motors (I'd prefer to sell all four together) $50 for all 4 - 5 speed automatic transmission w/ torque converter (oil was drained) , 230k mi on it when pulled. $200 - front headlights $40 both - oem yellow fog lights $40 both - gold Lexus emblems $10 Pics available upon request. Prices above are for parts if sold individually, but I'd rather sell everything at once. So all parts together for $400 obo. Pease email me at ileoncio@hotmail.com if you have any questions. I am located in northern california. Thanks!
  2. The 18's will give you somewhat of a harsher ride compared to stock wheels/tires, just because you won't have much cushion betwen the wheel and the road. But like you said, you're not lowering it so the kyb's are fine.
  3. How is checking the valve clearance done exactly? Is it similar to honda's where a feeler guage is used and bolts are torqued down?
  4. So the motor me and my buddies pulled my 93 Lexus es300 not too long ago has approx 240K mi. I've been slowly tearing it down over the last few weeks. Once I got the intake manifold off I leak down tested it. Pressure was holding well... the leakage percentages ranged from 10-15%. In general, from what I've read, this tells me she's still got some life left. One thing though, there was air coming up and out of the intake ports. Did I do something wrong? I made sure each cylinder was at TDC when I tested them. Is the air coming from the intake ports supposed to happen?
  5. Thanks for the responses guys. I considered exchanging my current 3vzfe for a jdm motor, cost-wise it's fairly close. I want to keep the car, and have been wanting to get the motor open for the learning experience... which is why I considered the rebuild. The whole port/polish deal was more of a "why not since i'm there" type of deal.
  6. I just purchased a 93 es300 that I'm considering doing a motor rebuild for. It's been pulled from the engine bay and I've started taking it apart slowly. Since I'll have the motor in pieces, I figure why not port/polish the heads. Anyone gotten their heads ported/polished? How much do they usually cost?
  7. Hey, I just recently purchased a 93 es300. Super high miles, so I'm going to rebuild the motor. Anyway, what aftermarket parts yield the highest hp gains? Any carb legal intakes/header setups? Thanks...
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