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    From the album: RX400H

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    Lexus RX 400H
  3. I have 87000 miles on my 400H and hardly any wear. Looking forward to maybe 130 to 150K before changing. My driving style is equal in city and Hwy driving. Currently the overall mileage average is at 26.6 mpg, with the best I ever got was 32 mpg and the worse driving like I stoled it was 22 mpg.
  4. I have a cargo box that mounts on the receiver hitch. I'm short so reaching the top is out of the question. We have had it for 3 years bought right after we got the Lexus.
  5. Did it take the place of your CD changer when they installed the ipod controller? You don't happen to have the part number? My Lexus dealer is not up with the latest electronics. Thanks.
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