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  1. my 03 gs i bought about 8 months ago 64k very clean inside n out came with the IS wheels..
  2. am i the only one who relizes that on mostly evey 98-05 gs the rear bumber chrome trim is dull like not shiny as the rest of the chrome trim around the car so has any one noticed this and has done something about it and how. thanks
  3. i recently did an oil change on my 03gs300 and im sure guy i bought the car from was using synthetic..So im at the store buying oil somehow i buy regular 5w30 oil and i dont even relize until doing the oil change....so now should i change it again and use synthetic or is it ok for now and drive it for 3000 miles or less cause i feel like changing back rite now would be bad So wat do you guys think thanx...
  4. my mistake i ment like the gloss part around the windows wit the chrome trim
  5. I have waterspots and waterstains on the gloss door handles n wanted to kno is it safe to clean it like waterspots on the windows... thanks
  6. so can someone plz tell me exactly how to make the woolite cleaner in a bottle...and were talkin bout woolite as in the laundry cleaner
  7. i was wonderin if i can fit 22's on my 03 gs300 everything is stock but do i need a lift on suspension or sumthin
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