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  1. The fog lights are a pain to reach as you have to remove the splash guards underneath the engine to reach them. Once you remove the guards you can reach in to either change the bulbs or remove the whole unit. I found that if you remove the unit, three bolts, its much easier to change the bulbs and clean the unit itself. Not sure about the fuse, probably in the manual, but look to see if the fuse is broken first, then if its not, look to see if the bulb is busted. After all that is done just buy any regular bulb thats specific to the fog lights and you are good.
  2. I had a similar problem recently and the only thing I needed to do was a coolant flush. I hadn't done it in way over 60k miles bc it was really clean etc. The second I did a coolant flush, not just a top off or whatever, the heater was back to its prime. sometimes a dirty heater core wont allow you the hot air you want inside the cabin. Cheers
  3. I was doing some reading and heard about a "anti squat wire" that you can cut to "bring more life" to your sc400. Anyone have a write up or pics about this process. I have a 95 sc400, completely stock but still kicks !Removed! obviously. Let me know. Thanks!
  4. Have you tried buying new valve stems for your wheels? Do you have any curb rash that is significant? I have a slow leak in one of my stock rims but thats because I hit the metal guard on a sewer drain near my house. Valve stems are cheaper than new rims and might fix the problem considering you already bought new tires.
  5. Thanks everyone, I am actually taking my car to a friends house who has a lift, pneumatic tools and a press. Now that GrnSc400 gave me the right info and exploded diagrams I think I should be able to do this. I'll post up the DIY pics after this sunday.
  6. I guess there is a snap ring or something because I got the rotor off, calipers, large hub nut and now there isnt anything I can see thats holding it on? I dont get it.. I might just take it to a shop
  7. I am trying to replace my rear hub and wheel bearing but I cant get the Hub off. There aren't any visable screws or bolts holding it on. Anyone know how to do this?
  8. Hey Blue, If you want to lower the car Eibach offers some springs that are close to $500 and lower the car roughly 1" all around. You can still use your stock shocks/struts with the springs too unless you want something adjustable. If thats the case your price shoots up in the 1-3k range. Check out this link to see what came up for my 95 sc400 http://allaftermarketparts.com/eibach/eiba...40/i-53773.aspx Hope this helps a bit :D Oh and if you have 9.5 all around you might run into issues while turning the car. Your splashguards might rub against the tires because of their width. I havent personally done this mod to my car so I cant give you a definate answer.
  9. Moony, If you need to see pictures on how to remove the headlights I have some. I just took off my front bumper and both headlights to repaint part of the bumper and replace some bulbs. Let me know
  10. Hey guys, I am new to this forum but plan to contribute as much as possible. I own a '95 sc400 with 150k miles, Injen intake and grounding kit. This topic I am discussing how to replace the rear sway bar links. Difficulty of Job- Beginner/intermediate *Recommended tools/setup -Socket wrench w/14mm socket -Channel lock wrench -Jack and jack stands -beer -crowbar Step 1. Jack the car up either on just one side or both. Step 2. Use the 14mm socket wrench to loosen the nuts on the link. Step 3. Use the crowbar to depress your swaybar, this will help you remove the link. Step 4. Depress the swaybar and put in the new link, continue to depress the swaybar while you tighten the nuts so you dont rune the links thread. Step 5. Drink your beer because yea its just that easy. * Not sure what the specs are for how much torque on the link nuts, I tightened them pretty hard but didnt over do it. (Sway bar link location) (Sway bar link) (Sway bar link removed) (New sway bar link) http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab268/B...usRepair010.jpg