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  1. Currently on our 3rd LS, 2012 LS460, just bought with 65k miles. Previous a 2001 LS430 Ultra Luxury, bought with 135k miles, 10 years and 100k miles, what a great car that was. Before that a 1994 LS400, it was a little rough but sold us on the brand. Can't wait until we can get another UL or a LS600 the top end is worth the extra $$.

  2. jmsed


    I just had the same type of issue with our 2001 LS430, i needed to replace the wiring harness for the knock sensors also as there were signs of dry rot and wiring exposed causing additional electrical current draw. Hope that it may help your problem.
  3. I found that I was a little low on brake fluid, filled reservoir and VSC light went away.
  4. I do agree with this fix and the concept of behind it. I have repaired numerous speakers using this same method, although I prefer using the 100% silicon for it's flexability. In fact, I have filled almost 100% of the missing foam between the cone and the frame with great results and sound quality. My money is on the RTV.... The hot glue gun will work but will not flex as much as the silicon.