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  1. JUST FIXED THE PROBLEM: I took the battery apart and cleaned the post with a wire brush, tightened it up, and my dash came back on! Thanks for everyones help!
  2. CORRECTION: When I turn the car to the ON position, all the lights on the lower part of the dash come on. (seat belt, oil, engine lights etc.) But the dash never lights up, or needles done move. Also, can't see mileage, or park/gears
  3. None of the needles work... only lights that come on are check engine light, high beam light, but it's very dim.
  4. I have a 2000 GS400. I turned me car on yesterday and everything was normal, but my dash stayed dark, and the gauges never came on. I tried messing with the battery and changed the gauge fuse, but nothing changed. Anybody have any other ways to fix this type of problem?
  5. Does anyone know what kind of performance cam would fit for a 2000 Lexus GS400. If you do, where I can purchase this. I looking for a little more horsepower, and I think an upgraded cam is what i'm looking for.
  6. I like what you did... pics are nice... our cars look very similiar... i wish i had a nice camera like urs and take some... but i dont... is ur car white? it looks kinda silverish in some pics...
  7. I was looking to get a torque converter for my 2000 gs400... what site did u get urs off? and how much?
  8. I also have the same problem with my 2000 Gs400... My mech told me that it is just a piece of debris from the road and it wont go away until you get new pads and rotors... Im tired of this noise, so I am looking into buying drilled rotors for my car.
  9. I wanted to put an updraded y-pipe for performance on my car... and couldnt find it anywhere... u might have to get a custom made pipe... might cost some $$$
  10. I took my 10" out of my trunk, and wired in a new 12' infinity... bought a new box... works like a charm...
  11. My car tends to have a rough idle at red lights... not all the time, just randomly... would that be a loose hose somewhere>/?
  12. If you wanted speed... shoulda got the GS400 haha...
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