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  1. I just tried to get my car inspected and got rejected because the O2 sensor was bad. The report said it was, "Bank 1 - Sensor 2". So is this the sensor in the front or back? Autozone sells the short and long one, which one is it? And how hard is it to replace it.
  2. u have to use the TYTO -01 kit. u won't be able to find it at any local stores, u'll have to order it online. then when u get it, u'll have to reconfigure some wires in the harness to make it work. circuit city installed mine and he found out all the info he needed in some forum, not sure.
  3. I tried installing an after market cd player this weekend and had some complications. I used the correct wire harness, Metra 8113 and everything hooked up correctly. But there is no sound going through. Someone told me that I have to bypass the factory amp to resolve that issue. Is that true? Or is there another way to correct that issue. Please help if anyone has any suggestions or tutorials. thanks
  4. I currently own an 01' IS300, I am having issues with the head deck on the IS300. I was just referring to the LS400, I "use" to have.
  5. I am having problems with playing burn cd's with the factory head deck. I used to own an older LS400 and had the same issues. But with the LS, there were certain brands that worked and some that didn't. Any recommendations on how to make burned cd's work on the factory head deck or any specific brand?
  6. To answer the questions: 90' with ruffly 220,000, and I use Exxon, Chevron, or Shell premium gas.
  7. do you have a check engine light on? when the knocking occurs? when you press the gas pedal or you hear it on a permanent basis? Well I disabled my check engine light when I install a new instrument cluster, because it stayed on all the time. It starts to knock when I give it gas.
  8. I have noticed that my engine makes a weird knocking noise when I am driving it. I don't know exactly what it is and was told that higher octane fuel will help remedy that. But since it is a LS, the highest octane is required already. So what is the next step up to take care of this problem. Please help.
  9. Here's my situation, my master switch is not able to control the rear passenger window. I am able to control the front passenger side window from the master switch but not by the front passenger side itself. The lock from the front passenger side can only be open either manually or with a key on the outside. Even the master switch can not open it, not even the keyless entry. You'll also have to lock it manually, or it'll stay open even when you lock it by remote. I am assuming that I'll have to replace the switches, so any one have an idea of how much this is gonna cost me. Thanks
  10. I actually did some pimping on my 90' LS already. I added a body kit, custom pearl paint job(got rid of the two tone grey), subs/amps, tinted windows, remote start alarm, and 18" rims. Although rims do compliment your car very well, be aware of the hazards. There are some many new highway constrution going on right now and so many potential accidents. I already cracked one rim and bent the other. I am still debating if the rims are worth the trouble. You will have to sacrifice the ride quality and slow down almost to a complete stop at every pot hole or crack in the road. So in other wor
  11. I agree, it was probably installed by a previous owner. The remote start function can be combined with any factory remote. All that needs to be done is hook up relays and progam the remote. I have an aftermarker remote starter myself and I love it. Warm it up when it's cold and cool it down when it's hot without having to leave your house.
  12. I own a 90' model and I'm wondering is there a big difference for the power button. When I have it on, I noticed that it shifts harder and has more of a jerking acceleration. Will it use more gas? Is it bad to have it on, on a regular basis? What's the real purpose of it?
  13. This weekend I ran over some debris and got a hole in my exhaust filter. After that I started smelling exhaust fumes in my car and had no power in my accelleration at all. I was only able to go about 20-30 mph. I took it to the exhaust shop and was told that my exhaust system was still fine. But they noticed that my catalac converter(I think that's how you spell it) was glowing red. So they say that either there is too much gas going thru or not enough. But I did noticed that I'm down almost half a tank of gas with only 75 miles. So I'm thinking somehow its buring to much gas and is cau
  14. When I was younger I knew people that could steal any car with just a simple flat head screw driver and I know they are still doing it today. Lexus, BMW, and Mercedes just to name a few.
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