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  1. Any ideas, engine stumbles or has a low idle miss.
  2. Just speedometer needle, I have been doing a little research on my own and found that the speed sensor on the tranny has been known to fail and can fail when exposed to water which it has over the past few weeks, there are also speed sensors on each wheel even though I do not have traction control.I was told that I can test the sensor on the tranny by unpluging it and run the car on a lift to see if it is putting out ac volts. Also was told to first check all the fuses. tomorrow I am going to get it up in the air on my lift and start probing around. The odometer and cruise control does work.
  3. I have a 90 LS400, The speedometer stopped working last week, I heard a noise a type of a click sound coming from the drivers door side which sounded like a side mirror when they get stuck. the gauge is a dial style , how do you repair or replace the cable if its broken and how do you get in behind the dash. I know the car has a few speed sensors do they fail and could they create the problem, or is it most likley the cable.
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