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  1. I was just wondering if anyone has any experience installing the Weathertech In-Channel Window Deflectors? The window frames look a little thin to try and install the conventional ones, and these in-channel ones look very nice. I have searched this forum, but have not found anyone who has these, if you have installed these, was it easy? Thanks
  2. OK I really like my Lexus and think for the most part it is built well. Before I go on, I live in Montreal where we still use salt in the winter. So anyways, I needed to remove the interior from my trunk, and was shocked to see salt stains where they attach the bumber (holes) and from the vent (used to reduce moister in the trunk.) There is no rust now, but my amp has salt stains all over the heatsink fins and the base on the drivers side is full of salt stains. As we all know, salt is not our friend unless it is on some french fries. Has anybodyelse come across this?
  3. Thanks, strange that I had to go to each window, but it worked and that is all I care about. Cheers
  4. OK went to my installer to install sirius interface behind my radio, well never got the interface to work. When I got home I realized that the auto up-down on driver side window was not working, so wanted to see if all the other windows had the same problem. Well all the other windows do not work at all, window lock is NOT on and I checked the fuses and they seem of, one fuse for each window. Has anybody experienced this before? I am betting it is something the installer did, so before I bring it to Lexus, he is going to have to look into it.
  5. ok I have SIRIUS STILETTO S100 (Portable satellite radio) with lifetime subscription. When I got my car last year I noticed that the 6-disc radio had a sat button on it and I found a way to hook-up my portable radio to have all functions work through the radio. The components I got were the Sirius Connect Lexus [TOYSC1] and the Sirius Connect Vehicle Kit [sCVDOC1] Now I do not want to spend a fortune with an installer as it is plug and play set-up. What I need to know is how to get to the back of the radio, I know the previous IS250 had a plate on the dash, but the new style does not
  6. Well I am surprised, but it must be because it was bought in the US. I just bought my IS250 2006 last year. After getting rid of my Magnum R/T, the service between Chrysler and Lexus is not comparable. (After having my Magnum for just 6 months, the transmission went and they wanted me to pay for a loaner (2-days) while they fixed it, I had to go all the way to corporate before they agreed to give me one no charge) When there was a recall earlier this year to fix a couple of problems, Lexus called me up to make an appointment. They came to my work(30 km away), picked up my car, left me a L
  7. Fastest I have gone was in 2007, 240 kmh in a Dodge Magnum R/T, cost me $600 and 7 points I now do the speed limit in my IS250 ;-)
  8. I just bought the TOY-SC1 Interface Module & Sirius Connect Vehicle Kit - SCVDOC1. I have a lifetime subscription and the stiletto 100. Cost me a little over $200 shipped. What I would like to know, is if anyone has instructions on how to install it. Connections are not the biggest problem, more on how to get to the back of the radio. Would love some help, I have the non-nave 6-disc radio Thanks
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